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Founded 1947, the ABA is a non-profit association whose purpose is to cultivate, support and transmit the Benedictine heritage within contemporary culture.

Convention 2014: Benedictine Monasticism: The Past Receiving the Future, July 24-27, Conception Abbey, Missouri.




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American Benedictine Academy
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Elizabeth Carrillo OSB
ABA Executive Secretary
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ABA Convention Proceedings

The cost of the printed Proceedings is $10 ($15 non-members) while copies last. Copies can be ordered from the Academy's Executive Secretary at the address given below. Checks should be made to "The American Benedictine Academy" and should accompany the order. The price includes postage and handling.

All printed Proceedings of the American Benedictine Academy conventions have been sold. Since 2002, the Proceedings are available online. at this website.


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The Website of The American Benedictine Academy, created December 1995, has been included since about the same time in the NetSERF Research Center: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources.


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