Hospitality: Prism for the 21st Century

Papers and Responses

1998 American Benedictine Academy Convention

Saint Vincent Archabbey
Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Monastic Hospitality

All of the documents below are MS Word 2003 (.doc) files.

Hospitality: Entertaining Divine Presence According to the Rule of Benedict
Demetrius Dumm, OSB

Response by Patricia Kirk, OSB

Contemporary Hospitality: Where the Present Becomes the Future
Rosemary Rader, OSB

Response by John Klassen, OSB

Dangerous Angels: The Demand of Liturgical Hospitality
Genevieve Glen, OSB

Response by Placid Solari, OSB

The World as Our Guest: Hospitality in Cyberspace
Diana Seago, OSB

The Earth Is Our Home: Hospitality and the Land
Paul Schwietz, OSB

Listening to the Land: A Balanced Approach to Land Management
Carol Ann Wassmuth, OSB

ABA Presidential Address: "Let Anyone with Ears to Hear, Listen"
Eugene Hensell, OSB

Homily for the Closing Eucharist
Joel Rippinger, OSB

Junior Essay: Community and Apostolate: A Case for Unity
Peter Marlette, OSB

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