Mentoring and Monitoring Benedictine Values
Voices From The Monastery

Anna Falkenberg

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In addition to Dennis' delightful introduction, I would mention that I currently work at the University of Texas at Austin as Associate Director for Liberal Arts Career Services. But I have also worked and taught at a small private college and taught in university and public school settings. I have been working on a PhD in the Department of Higher Education Administration at the University (which, along with Fr.Valerian Odermann's persistence and the movements of the Holy Spirit, brings me to your meeting).

I am proud to be a relatively new Oblate with St. Scholastica Monastery in Boerne, Texas, so I feel especially privileged to be invited to be among you. And I am looking forward to meeting and learning from all of you. I must admit I am somewhat intimidated because, for me, some of you are Benedictine celebrities: I have read or pray daily from books you have written or you have contributed to my study by responding to the survey. By the way, those of you who did not respond to the survey are forgiven. Have no fear, you will have an additional chance to contribute as I will explain at the end of the presentation.

So as to the subject of the presentation: Mentoring and Modeling Benedictine Values as Educators. From my perspective, many of you have become mentors for those of use who see the potential of the Rule of St. Benedict as a guide book for educational leadership as well as a guide for living and for those of us who look to the monastery as a model for educational and other communities. Indeed I look forward to continuing a dialogue with you on this subject


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