Elders of the Benedictines:
A Portrait and Interview Project

Father Eugene W. Dehner, O.S.B., b. 1914

Father Eugene W. Dehner, O.S.B.Father Eugene is a member of the Benedictine community at Saint Benedict's Abbey in Atchison, Kansas.

Q: Do you have any regrets in having chosen a monastic life?

A: No, I thank God everyday I wound up this way. People seem to be very timid now about making choices, especially life forming choices such as marriage or joining a religious order. People seem to have a hard time making firm long-term commitments. I prayed like the dickens before I made vows. I've had many critical times, like in marriage where you get to the point where you might betray one another, and the same thing can happen to a priest or monk. I've been fortunate to make the right choices in serious situations for which I thank God. Maybe it has been someone's prayers that have helped me. . . .

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