Elders of the Benedictines:
A Portrait and Interview Project

Sister Marmion Maiers, O.S.B., b. 1924

Sister Marmion Maiers, O.S.B.Sister Marmion is a member of the Benedictine community at Mother of God Monastery in Watertown, South Dakota.

Q: Is there any of the Rule of Saint Benedict that have a special significance for you?

A: I do like chapter 72 which is about the good zeal of monastics. I think it says in a nutshell what the life of Benedictines should be--to compete with a holy zeal to do good to one another. I remember one of the exercises we did as novices was to go through the Holy Rule and find every reference we could to charity. It was a huge number because that is what our life is about--charity and love. It comes down to Matthew's chapter 25: "Truly I tell you: anything you did for one of by brothers here, however insignificant, you did for me." It is not about how much time we spend on our knees. It is how we treat our fellow human beings that matters now and will matter in the end. I think that is what Benedict is saying with the good zeal of the monastic--treat others as Christ. It always comes back to that for me

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