Elders of the Benedictines:
A Portrait and Interview Project

Sister Victorine Fenton, O.S.B., b. 1920

Sister Victorine Fenton, O.S.B.Sister Victorine is a member of the Benedictine community at Mount Saint Benedict Monastery in Crookston, Minnesota.

Q: What has given you the most joy in your life?

A: The joy of teaching and seeing your students blossom. As a music teacher it is joyful being able to see the satisfaction and delight students have when they discover they can create something beautiful. A joy I remember from my younger days was after having been out on assignment for some time and coming back to the community in the summer and seeing the sisters and even just walls and the floors of the monastery was such a joy. Now when I see the younger sisters come back in the summer it is the same kind of joy. Even our funerals are joys. Even if the deceased sister might have been a bit hard to live with, someone will find something wonderful to remember about her. We sing triumphant songs and it makes you feel it's worthwhile to die.

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