Mount St. Scholastica's French Refugees:
In Search Of Liberty

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Atchison Again

After the expulsion, Sister Julia lived with a pious schoolteacher in a nearby village. Sister Francesca lived in Vezelise, in a hospital run by Franciscan nuns; Sisters Odelia and Mecthilde found refuge with lay people; and other sisters were sent to Holland, Germany, and Italy. Mother Aloysia received a letter from France in January, 1906, in which the writer lamented that the government had taken over churches for Masonic meeting houses, Mass was said in private homes, and priests discovered saying Mass were sent to the guillotine.17

On May 29, 1906, the four lay sisters arrived in Atchison, having paid their way to New York with money from friends and relatives. Abbess Ida Adam wrote to Mother Aloysia a month later, giving thanks for "your charity in receiving our sisters" and telling her "how impressed I was by the cordial welcome they received in your beautiful monastery."18

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17MSSA. Letter to Mother Aloysia Northman, January 23, 1906. The letter is unsigned, but it is probably from Abbess Ida Adam. return

18MSSA. Letter to Mother Aloysia Northman, June 12, 1906. return

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