Transforming the Journey:
Mentoring Lives Through Magic and Myth

Mentoring Environments

Access to Images

Powerful mentoring environments are themselves communities of imagination. They offer "images of truth, transformation, positive images of self and of the other, and images of interrelatedness."42 These are images of truth that offer a complete picture, incorporating both the " realities of suffering [and] the awe of wonder";43 they are images of transformation that distill a " hope for renewing the world"; they are affirming images of self "that convey a faithful correspondence between [one's] own aspirations and positive reflection in the eyes of another whom [one] values and trusts";44 they include "images of the other as both similar and unique" and " images of interrelatedness and wholeness" about " institutions that work."45 The discourse of any mentoring community is rich with images of truth and goodness, as well as failure. It is out of these images that worthy dreams evolve and are embraced, dreams that frame the journey and light its path.

Finally, we consider the last criterion, maintaining communities of practice.

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