Monastics and Mentoring: Re-founding the Tradition

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  • The Proceedings of
    The American Benedictine Academy Convention

    August 8-11, 2002
    Bismarck, North Dakota


    Valerian Odermann, O.S.B.

    Elders of the Benedictines: A Portrait and Interview Project
    Mark W. McGinnis

    Osculta! Wise Elders and the Desert Tradition
    Laura Swan, O.S.B.

    Panel Presentation: Mentoring Among Monastics Today

    "Reflection from the Heart"
    Jacquelyn Ernster, O.S.B., PhD

    "The Mentors Being Mentored"
    Vincent Bataille, O.S.B

    Transforming the Journey: Mentoring Lives Through Magic and Myth
    Carney Strange, PhD

    Mentoring and Monitoring Benedictine Values: Voices from the Monastery
    Anna Falkenberg

    Mutual Mentoring: A New Paradigm of an Old Tradition
    Rose Mary Rexing, O.S.B

    Presidential Address
    Rosemary Rader, O.S.B.

    Junior Essay Contest Winners 2002:

    "Deepening Union: A Benedictine Commitment"
    Boniface Hamilton, O.S.B.

    "Mount St. Scholastica's French Refugees"
    Antonia Ryan, O.S.B.


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    Renée Branigan, O.S.B.

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