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Volume 32, Nr. 1, February 2002                    Richardton, ND 58652



Summer Opportunities

In addition to the American Benedictine Academy's biennial meeting, many other educational and spiritual opportunities are available in the coming months. Among them are the following.


Monastic Study Weeks 2002

Saint Meinrad, IN, and Morristown, NJ

Monastic Study Weeks are designed for women and men who have professed vows in a religious community. They are offered an the Saint Meinrad campus in southern Indiana and Saint Mary's campus in Morristown, New Jersey. Classes may be taken for credit or audit. Participants in the Monastic Study Weeks programs at either location stay in comfortable private guest rooms with access to computers and fitness facilities, as well as the opportunity to worship with the monastic community.

The St. Meinrad campus is surrounded by hills, forests and lakes. The campus also includes an extensive library. Participants in the Monastic Study Weeks program in Morristown will enjoy the historic sights of the area, accessto a swimming pool, and opportunities for visiting the New York area.

Classes on Saint Meinrad's Campus

July 11-19, 2002

Reading for Life: The Evolving Practice of Lectio Divina
Rev. Raymond Studzinski, OSB

This study week will focus on the evolution of the monastic practice of lectio divina from its roots in Judaic and early Christian approaches to reading the Bible to the subsequent developments in monasticism. This will precede an exploration of a contemporary spirituality centered on lectio. Study of techniques of reading, not only the scriptures but also life events and experiences, will lead into consideration of the transformative nature of lectio.

July 22-26, 2002

Monastic Liturgy: Touchstone, Wellspring and Catalyst for the Journey
Sister Cecelia Dwyer, OSB

Monastic liturgy is both daily and extraordinary as monastics faithfully pray the hours, center their lives through Eucharist, and ritualize the monastic journey through professions, installations and funerals. Monastic liturgy will be examined as it has developed historically and as celebrated in communities today, as well as giving some thought to creative possibilities for the future.

Classes on Saint Mary's Campus

July 28- August 2, 2002

Monastic Heritage: Benedictine and Celtic Spiritualities
Rev. Daniel Ward, OSB

Both Benedictine and Celtic monastic traditions uphold not only a respect for others, but for inanimate objects such as the tools of the monastery. The two spiritualities reveal similar paths to God, who is not only the Other but touches humans gently in many ways. This study week seeks the riches of these two traditions as guides for an expanding awareness of the miracles of God.

August 9-15, 2002

Cistercian Women Mystics
Maureen McCabe, OCSO

For the thirteenth century Cistercian mystics, love is central, personal experience significant, and mystical experience strong. At the heart of this orientation is attachment to the Person of Christ and it is this element in Cistercian spirituality that helps one to see most clearly the distinct characteristics of each women.

For any of the above classes, please contact

Saint Meinrad School of Theology
Saint Meinrad, IN 47577
(800) 730-9910 or (812) 357-6599
Fax: (812) 357-6977 or


Benedictine University, Lisle, IL

July 10-15, 2002

Rule of Benedict: Reflections for Laity
Dr. Carney Strange

This institute is open to lay men and women who serve as educators, administrators, counselors, and pastoral ministers in a wide variety of Benedictine apostolates, including schools and parishes. The purpose of this institute is to engage lay men and women in the study of the Rule of St. Benedict within the context of a monastic experience. Participants join the monastic community in Lisle for daily prayer.

Sessions on the Rule of St. Benedict will be held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday mornings, with visits to other Benedictine apostolates each afternoon, which provide a diverse exposure to the application of Benedictine principles in various ministries.

For information, please contact

Father David Turner, OSB
Benedictine University
5700 College Road
Lisle, Il 60532
(630) 829-9209 or


Summer School and Workshops

Saint John's, Collegeville, MN

17th Annual Monastic Institute

June 30-July 4, 2002
Cross-Generational Issues in Monastic Life

The 2002 Monastic Institute engages one of the most joyful and challenging aspects of monastic life: living in a multi-generational community. Each generation has its own continuing formational needs and its own challenges in communicating effectively with those at other stages of life. How do we facilitate understanding and respect in our dealings across generations?

School of Theology Summer Session

June 17-July 26

The School of Theology of Saint John's University offers courses in various areas of theology, including liturgy, liturgical music, and Scripture. This summer's classes in the area of monastic studies will be on monastic formation and monastic ways of prayer. This summer's Holy Land Studies session will be from June 10 to July 19.

For further information please contact

Saint John's School of Theology
Box 7288
Collegeville, MN 56321
(800) 361-8318; Fax: (320) 363-3145 or

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Pre-Convention MINI-WORKSHOP

Computer Networking in Small Communities

This two-hour workshop is open to all participants of the convention at no charge. Brother Elias Thienpont, OSB, of Assumption Abbey, will coordinate the 1:00-3:00 p.m. session on Thursday, August 8. Those planning to take part should plan to arrive the morning of August 8.

Audience: Anyone interested in computers, especially those from communities that do not have another entity that takes care of their needs in connecting computers in a network.

Rationale: Many large monasteries sponsor educational institutions and receive their computer networking services through the schools. For smaller houses, and for those with no school or other institution, networking appears more difficult. It need not be.

Brother Elias will

  1. present the benefits of a computer network,
  2. provide information, and
  3. facilitate discussion on building a computer network in the smaller community.

Topics to be covered:

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Convention Art Exhibit

All American Benedictine artists are invited to share their original visual art at the 2002 ABA Convention in Bismarck, ND, August 8-11. Artists may share up to three pieces of visual art, either two-dimensional or three-dimensional. This is not a juried exhibit. Artists and their communities will he responsible for insurance and for shipping costs to and from the exhibit.

Two-dimensional pieces should not be framed with glass if they are being shipped; acrylic sheets should be used instead. Pottery or breakable sculpture should be packed in one box inside another, with packing in both to buffer them. Return postage must be included, as well as a self-addressed return label. The same packing used to send art will be used to return it. Artists who are bringing their work with them need not worry about shipping matters, of course.

A letter will go out to artists in May with more specific information and forms to fill out and send to coordinator, Sister Kathleen Hickenbotham, so that plans can be made to display the work well. Artists who did not receive the first invitational letter and wish to be placed on the mailing list can contact:

Sister Kathleen Hickenbotham, OSB
Sacred Heart Monastery
1005 West 5th St.
Yankton, SD 57078
(605) 668-6O15

All artists who are interested in participating are encouraged to send their email addresses to Sister Kathleen as this saves postage expense. In order to secure a spot artists are encouraged to contact her soon.

Brother Llewellyn Kouba of Assumption Abbey in Richardton is a member of the convention planning committee. He is helping to coordinate things locally for the exhibit. He can be contacted at <> for specifics about displaying work.


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