The American Monastic Newsletter

Nr. 2, June 1999

Benedictine Logos

[Beech leaf]As was requested in the last AMN, this issue features as art pieces, communal logos as submitted by various communities.

This issue features logos from the Benedictine Sisters of Beech Grove, IN, and some of their corporate works.

OLG logo


Our Lady of Grace Monastery


All three of our logos, for the monastery and our corporate ministries, are based on our vow of stability. We are located in the city of Beech Grove, Indiana. The strong, sturdy beech tree in the midst of the Benedictine cross signifies our rootedness in this place.


St. Paul Hermitage

[SPH logo, bw]


Those living at St. Paul Hermitage, a retirement and health-care facility for the laity, are in the autumn of their lives. The fall branch, losing its leaves and set against the Benedictine cross, gently conveys that message.



Benedict Inn Retreat & Conference Center
Beech Grove, Indiana

Benedict Inn logo/banner

The Benedict Inn is a relatively new shoot of the beech tree. It denotes a response by the religious community to the needs of the people it serves, ever changing, ever new. Located in a dwelling, the logo represents a spirit of hospitality, welcome and safe lodging.

[Golden Leaf]





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