London, British Library,
MS Lansdowne 378,

ff. 1b-42b, 15th century.


1 [f. 1v] Asculta, o fili!

Son, Herkyn ye commandementis of ye mastir, & lay to ye eere of thy herte, & gladly take, And spedily fulfil ye warnyng of ye meke fadir,

2 yat yu mai turne a gayne to hym by ye labur of obedience, fra whame yu had gane by ye slewth of inobedience.

3 Tharfore my worde be now directe to the, yat forsakis thy awne lustis & takis ye ryght strang & doghty armur of obedience to seryf our lorde Ihesus criste, ye verrey kyng.

4 First yat yu aske of hym wid besy prayer alle gude thing yat yu begyns to do, to be perfytely endid;

5 yat he, yat hase vochyd safe to cownte vs in ye nummer of hys sons, be not greuyd ony tyme be our euyl dedis.

6 Sa, for soth, it is to obey hym at al tyme for hys aune gudis yat ere in vs, yat he, as a wrath fader, not alanly diseret vs os not hys sons,

7 Bot also os a dredful lord, wrathid thoro our euyl dedys, betake vs to perpetual payne os ful wykkyd seruandis, whylk wald not folow hym to blis.

a [f. 2r] primum capitulum.1 Exurgamus ergo.2

b In yis first sentence bidis us sain benet

8 yat we be wakande, and bidis we sal rise, yat es of ure sinne,3 als it es writen,

9 and yat yure ehin be opin, and yures hertes,4 til godis brihtnes,5 Godis uoice yat 3e here and under stande it,6

10 als it sias: "Hodie si uocem eius - Yef ye ye uoice of god herd o day, yure hertis ware noht hard; it munde ma yam neis;7

11 Als haly says: "Qui habet aures8 audiendi, audiat -- Yat erin hauis, herkins wat ye haly spirt sais in haly writ."9

12 wat sais he? "Cumis to me, I sal yu lere ye dute of god, his wille yat 3e may do.10

13 Rennes fast do wilis ye haue liht, yat ye mirkenes11 o ded our take ye noht."

14 Ye haly spirt12 bidis us yat we trou his reed,

15 yat we may cum to ye lif and se ye dais of godis sune in ioye wid uten ende.13

17 "yef yu will haue yat ioy, gete yi tunge, yu speke na scape, and tine lippis fra iuel.

Turne ye fra iuil & do ye gode, yat ti lif folihe yaim.14

18 wen yat 3e yus do, yan sal min ezin be on 3ow. Til 3ure praier sall15 I here, sal 3e noht be for getin.16 Or yat 3e calle to me, I sal saie: I es here."

19 My suete sistirs,17 I saie to [f. 2v ] yu: es na sueter uoice yan of iesu; sua sais sain benet.

c God al mihti kenne us ye rihte gate til endeles joy. Amen.

d Secundum capitulum.18 Succinctis ergo fide.19

e In yis sentence mustirs sain benet us hu we sal lede ure lif, and sais yat

21 we sal belt us wid chastiment,20 riht trouz yat ye haue wid gode dede, yat tu belte yine lendis sua, and yat tine fete be shod in riht gate, Als ye gospel tellis, in his tretes yat yu ga, til his rengne yat yu may cume, yare hise frendis sal euir be, yat here hauis wele wroht.21

22 Yef yu wil to yat regne cume, do ye dedis of godis sune; yu sal [be] yidir22 broht.23

23 we aske ye, lauerd, yurz ye muz of ye profete, Wha in yi tabernakil sal wne. "An wha sal wne wid ye in ye muntain yat es sua briht?"24

24 Lauerd, yan we haue askid ye, ye ancewer of ye sal we here:

25 ye riht yidir at cume yai sal haue, entre yat ere wid uten sinne;

26 Yat rihtuis es of dede and rihtuis of speche in his hert of alle ying; yat wid tunge lezis noht, bot sothfastnes in his yoht;25

27 Yat euil dos til nan, ne reproues na man of yaire mis dede.

28 He dos all to noht ye sinne yat wnis in his yoht and quites him [f. 3r] at te nede.

f Lauerd, we prai ye yat we may serue sua, in yi tabernakil yat we may wne. Amen.

g Tercium capitulum.26 Ergo preparanda.27

h In yis sentence sais sain benet

29 til ya yat luuis god28 & dutes hym: yef yu findis ani god in ye, til god sal ye louing be, and29 grace til him giue, of whame we haue al ye gude;

30 als ye prophete sais: "Non nobis domine -- Lord, of us es it noht, bot til yi name ioy es broht;

31 Als sain paul sais: "Lauerd, of me haue I noht, bot yu sende it me."30

32 In oyir stede sais he: "In god sal man be glad and loue him in dede."31

33 And heris wat ure lauerd sais in ye gospel: "Qui audit -- Wha sam heris my word and dos it in werke, Til ye wys32 man sembils33 he, yat fundes his hus opon ye stan

34 fra ye water and te flod; for yi ne failed it noht, for it [was] wrht o pon ye harde stane."

35 Yus kennis ure lauerd us his werkis, at folu his cumandementis.

36 For yi he giuis us respit, yat we sal mende ure sinne and siyin to ye ioy be sent;34

37 Als ye postil sais 3ur godes word: "An nescitis35 -- Ye sufferans may yu noht wite of god her witerlike, yat he to ye hauis don?".

38 Als ure lauerd sais: [f. 3v] "Of ye sinfull will I noht ye dede, bot yat tay turne and liue."

39 wen we aske ye, lauerd, wha in yi tabernakill sall wone, and we here yi cumandement, and dos te werkis yat fallis yar to, yan sall we be ayris in yi ioye.

i lord, for yi mercy yu gif us grace yare at be. Amen.

j Capitulum IIII. Monachorum.36

k In yis sentence bidis us sain benet yat

40 we make ure hertis redy, and ure bodis als sua, in mekenes, yef we will wone wid god.37

41 Yan ure force es gane us fra, we pray ure lauerd be ure help for his mikill miht.38

42 Yef we ye painis of helle will fle, and cum till ioy yat ay sall be,

43 Yanne full fille we his wille.

44 Loke yat 3e renne suiye, yef 3e will to ye lange liue. yare may help ye here to.

l Yus sais sain benet:

45 Mi scole wil i stablis39 to godis seruise.

46 Greue ying will i noht stablis,40 na noht yat wrange es,

47 bot a stresce will I make in mendnis of 3oure sinne, And for to yeme charite, yat yer nan iuil lares by gynne,

48 Bot yat haly kirke 3ow lokis. Loke yu folow yi domnum41 in haly religiun;42

49 yan sall yi charge be liht; yan sal yi hert liht be, in godis trouht yef yu it se. In mikill suetnes may yu renne, wen yu can knau god and [f. 4r] his cumandement.

50 Yan sall tu euir mare wone wid him in yat suete felazscap.44 Yat here liuis in clene scrift and in paine, yai sall haue part wid him.

m Lauerd, yu grante it us sua, til yi ioy yat we ga. Amen.

Notes to Prologue

1. P:a. This title is added.

2. P.a. Incipit of v. 8

3. P:8. yat . . . sinne: expansion

4. P:9. hertes ] herte; and yures hertes: expansion

5. P:9. brihtnes ] brihnes

6. P:9. and under stande it: expansion

7. P:10. als it sais: expansion; it . . . neis: expansion

8. P:11. aures ] aur/res

9. P:11. in haly writ: Latin: dicat ecclesiis

10. P:12. his . . . do: expansion

11. P:13. mirknes ] mirken/nes

12. P:14. Latin: Dominus

13. P:14. se . . . ende: Latin: videre dies bonos

14. P:17. yat . . . yaim: Latin: inquire pacem et sequere eam

15. P:18. sall ] sa

16. P:18. sal . . . for getin: expansion

17. P:19. Latin: fratres carissimi

18. P:d. This subtitle is added.

19. P:d. Incipit of v. 21

20. P:21. Latin: fide

21. P:21. yat . . . gate; yare . . . wroht: expansions

22. P:22. yidir ] yidit

23. P:22. do . . . broht: Latin: nisi illuc bonis actibus curritur, minime pervenitur

24. P:23. Latin: in monte sancto tuo

25. P:26. bot . . . yoht: expansion

26. P:g. Subtitle is added.

27. P:h. Ergo preparanda is in right margin. This incipit is out of place; it refers to v. 40.

28. P:29. luuis god: expansion

29. P:29. and ] ad

30. P:31. Latin: Gratia Dei sum id quod sum

31. P:32. Latin: Qui gloriatur, in domino glorietur

32. P:33. wys ] wyis

33. P:33. semble ] se m bils

34. P:36. and . . . sent: expansion

35. P:37. nescitis ] nescitils

36. P:j. Title and incipit are out of place; they refer to chapter 1 and verse 1:1, respectively.

37. P:40. yef . . . god: expansion

38. P:41. Latin: gratiae suae

39. P:45. will i stablis ] silistablis

40. P:46. stablis ] sta=blis

41. P:48. domnum ] ounum

42. P:49. Latin: Processu vero conversationis et fidei, dilatato corde inenarrabili dilectionis dulcedine curritur via mandatorum Dei

43. P:50. felazscap ] felazhap

[Chapter 1]

1 Quartum vero genus.

Foure maner of munkis es in religiun, sais sain benet.

2 Ye first maner yan er ya in cuuent es gadird for to liue in godis pais,44 vndir reul of dicipline, and a abbot ouir yam.

3 Ye toyir maner yan ere ermitis and reclusis, godis wille bi yam ane at do.

4 Ye ermitis and ye reclusis yat liuis sua, kenning bi hus yam haue for to fezte wid yare miht a gain ye deuil and a gain yar sinne.45

5 Yanane by houis yam fezte yam ane, at god es tar best help.

6 Ye yridde er ya yat in na reul wil ga, na hauis na kenning. Als es o yain46 yat saie als ye gold yu may se, yat semis gode and es noht:47 wen it es forht broht, yan es it als ye lede.

7 Bi fore ye werld er yai semande, and fals like liues, and tines yaire mede,48 And leris o gain god of yar abit.49

8 yai er unwise; yai desaiue yam self and oyir baye.

10 Ye ferde maner er wel werre, yat nouyer will wone, bot gange fra stede til stede wil yai, noure wone lange.

11 [f. 4v] yair auen wille will yai do. Glutunie luue yai.

12 better es to be stille yan for to speke of yair lif.

a Sain benet sais:

13 now wil I blinne to speke of yaim, for it ne helpis noht,50 & speke of ya yat liuis in godis ordir.

b yat we wid yaim may ga, god gif it us. Amen.

Notes to Chapter 1

44. 1:2. in godis pais: expansion

45. 1:4. and . . . sinne: expansion

46. 1:6. i is written above the line

47. 1:6. yat . . . noht: expansion

48. 1:7. and . . . mede: expansion

49. 1:7. Latin: tonsuram

50: 1:13. for . . . noht: expansion

[Chapter 2]

a Abbas qui preesse.

IN yis sentence mustirs sain benet wat man az51 at be abot.

1 Ye abot ah for52 to wite what his name singnefiis and whi he beris ye curun.53

b He [ah] at mustir gode dedis and wel rede and singe in haly kirke, Gode a saumpil til oyir at giue for to liue riht.

3 Ye name of ye abot bitakins fadir of maine.

2 For he sal be in haly kirke in godis stede for to lere his munkis wisdom and charite.54

4 He ah na ying at cumande bot yat he may haue warant at god.

5 Rihtuis ah he at be, and of charite, Als haly writ sais, wis of speche,55 Of gode cunsaile at ye nede; sua az abot at be.

6 He sal lere his cuuent ye riht gate, in godis troht yat yai be. Euer sal be in his yoht yat his munkis be wel lered, yat yai dute god.

7 Ye abot sal be blamid if ye cuuent mis ga.

8 Ya yat ere of ille dedis, he [f. 5r] az at chasti yam.

9 yan sall he be quit at ye iugement, And saie wid ye prophete: "Lauerd, I ne hid noht in me ye rehtuisnes of ye. I bad yai sulde it gete. Summe hauid me in despit, wen I lered yaim, And did yaire azen wille."

10 Yanne sais saine benet of yaim yat ere unbuxum ogain god, yat yai sall to paine ga.

c lauerd de fende us yar fra. Amen.

d Ergo cum aliquis suscipit.56

e Sain benet spekis yet of

11 ya yat sall be abotis: Gode a saumpil sal he giue, Of twine maner at lers his discipilis in religiun

12 in halynes at serue god: baye in word and dede, baye to ye simplis and till ye harde of hart.

13 His dedis az at be suilke als he cumandis til oyir. He bidis yai sall nan euil do. yef he kennis gode till oyir, and him self dos noht sua, God refusis him;

14 Als haly writ sais: "Quare tu enarras &c. -- Whi telles tu mi rihtuisnes57 wid yi muz, and dos it noht? Dicipline yu hatid, and keste mine wordis obac; yare for gat tu ye.58

15 In yi broyir ehe yu ses a stra, And noht a balke in yin azen."

17 Yabot az at loue nane mare [f. 5v] yan oyir59 for his heze kinredin, bot he be60 buxum and religius bot ilkain oyir broyir.

19 For nede he may do an bi fore anoyer61 for reuerauce, yef he ne will noht ilkain in his ordir, als he takis.

f Baye yung and alde sall halde reul; til a god haue we tan.

21 Alle sal be louid eftir an in haly religiun, bot if yai bettir do;

22 For yai az at62 be louid euin like in charite, ilkain als tay ere. Scrift63 sal he do on yaim, yare sinnis for to les.

g Lauerd, yu giue us sua at do, yat we may cume to yi regne. Amen.

h In doctrina sua namque.64

i Sain benet sais

23 yat abot az at lere his cuuent, als sain pol bidis: Blame yat mis do, and65 do yam liue riht; chasti yaim fra iuil wne,66 als ye fadir dos his sune.67

24 Ya yat ere fraward and recles, Lede yaim, ye straiter. Ya yat er buxum68 and meke, yai sall haue cumfort.

25 Yef ani faute be funden in yaim yat69 it be sone mendid.

26 He sall vmbe yinke hym ye prest of sylo,

j ye ire of god com to, for70 he ne chastid noht hise childir, bot lete yaim in yaire wille.

27 Ye gode sall he chasty wid word and amonesce yaim.

28 Yat er prude and kene, yai sall be chastid wid wand.

29 For is is writen [f. 6r] yat man sall chasti yaim: "Percute filium &c.-- Smite yi sune wid yi wand, and make him meke,71 and deliuir his saul fra paine."

k Lauerd, yu deliuer us fra paine. Amen.

l Meminisse.72

m Ay, sais sain benet,

30 yabot az at yinke yat, wat his name es. Ye mare he hauis in pouste, ye mare hauis he at yelde.

31 Abot az at be wis; greueus ying es hym bi taht: Ye sauls for to gete, And mony ying for to wite. Wid summe sal tu faire speke, and summe gete wid chastiment & haue yam under wand, and lere yaim ilkain eftir yar maner wid resun.

32 Yan yar ye noht be calanged of ye cuuent yat es undir ye, yat es giuin [ye] at yeme. Yur3 ye dute yat yai haue ye ioy of god, may yai ler at serue him to will.

33 For nan erye73 like pouste az he at for gete ye sauls yat es bitaht him at yeme. Ye tresur of god er yai.74

34 Resun was he yelde to god of yaim.

35 Yef yu be of litil uresun, be of riht trouz, and here what haly boke sais: "Primum querite regnum dei -- First sal tu seke godis rengne and his rihtuisnes, yan sall ying multeplii ye."

36 He yat made yis salme sais: [f. 6v] "wha sua liuis riht, yai sal haue na ned.75 Nichil de esse -- Na ying sal faile yaim yat wil luue god."76

37 Yabot az at under stande of ye sauls he hauis at yeme, yat he sall yelde resun of yaim.

38 Loke ye numbir of his cuuent: Als well az he to yeme yaim als his azen saul, yef he wil be sauf.

39 Yan he for oyir sal ancewer swa, full riht az he at ga, And mende him in dede.

40 Ye mare he mendis his cuuent, Till mare ioy sall he be sent, til god at take his mede.77

n Lauerd, giue us sua at liue, yat we may yelde ye resun for us self at ye day of dome. Amen. Qui uiuis & regnas.78

o Quociens aliqua79

Notes to Chapter 2

51. 2:1. az ] ar

52. 2:1 for ] fo

53. 2:1. and . . . curun: expansion

54. 2:2. for . . . charite: expansion

55. 2:5. and . . . speche: expansion

56. 2:d. Incipit of v. 11.

57. 2:14. rihtuisnes ] rihuisnes

58. 2:13. yare . . . ye: expansion

59. 2:17. oyir ] oyr

60. 2:17. be: added above the line

61. 2:18. anoyer ] anyer

62. 2:22. at ] yai

63. 2:22. scrift ] scrif

64. 2:h. Incipit of v. 23.

65. 2:23. and ] ad

66. 2:23. Blame . . . wne: Latin: argue, absecra, increpa

67. 2:23. als . . . sune: expansion

68. 2:24. buxom ] buzom

69. 2:25. yat ] yai

70. 2:25. for ] fo

71. 2:29. and . . . meke: expansion

72. 2:l. Or meminere: incipit of v. 30.

73. 2:33. erye ] er ye

74. 2:33. Ye . . . yat: expansion

75. 2:36. wha . . . ned: expansion

76. 2:36. Latin: timentibus eum

77. 2:40. Latin: et cum de monitionibus suis emendationem aliis sumministrat ipse efficitur a vitiis emendatus

78. 2:o. Incipit of 3:1. Written at the end of chapter 2, where there was a space.

[Chapter 3]

a De adsc[i]endis ad consilium sororibus80

Sain benet mustirs in yis81 sentence Hu yabes82 sal take hir cunsale.

1 Scho sall calle ye cuuent to gidir and muster yaim ye nede,

b and loke whilke sais best resun, and proue yair wit sua.

2 Yan ilkain hauis said yair auis, Yat es best, halde yar to.

3 Sua bidis haly writ,83 yat alle be cald til cunsaile, yung and alde, in hali religiun; For ofte sendis god resun til ye yunge yat a noyir84 ne can noht.

4-5 Yat all consen- [f. 7r] tis to sal nan gain saie, bot halde it in obedience.

6 Als te decipill es at his maister cumandement, Als sal yabes consent til yaire cunsale yat resun es.

8 Alle sal folihe ye maister of ye reule, baye yung and alde.85

7 Yat nan folu yair ahen wille, ne nan bere yaim sua heze, yat tay striue ogain yair abes.

10 Yef any sal take discipline, gruching sal sho make nane, bot halde ye cumandement.86

11 Ye dedis of yabbesse sal be in ye dute of god, for sho [sal] be set til resun of all hir iugemens and of al hir dedis bi for god, yat es rihtuis of iugement.

12 Yar es priue cunsale87 be at do, ye alde sal sho calle yar to;

13 Als haly writ bidis; "Omnia88 fac cum consilio -- Alle ying do wid cunsale, and eftir ye dede sal ye noht mis like."

c Lauerd, we pray ye yat we may suilke cunsal take, yat we may do yi wille. Amen.

In primis dominum.89

Notes to Chapter 3

80. 3:a. Title for chapter 3.

81. 3:a. yis ] his

82. 3:a. e is written above the line, over an a.

83. 3:3. Sua . . . writ: expansion

84. 3:3. noyir ] noyr

85. 3:8. baye . . . alde: expansion

86. 3:10. Latin: Quod si praesumpserit, regulari disciplinae subiaceat.

87. 3:12. Latin: Si qua vero minora adenda sunt

88. 3:b. Incipit of 4:1, written at the end of chapter 3

[Chapter 4]

a Quo sunt in strumenta bonorum operum.90

IN yis sentence spekis sain benet, and mustir til his cuuent what yaire god dedis ah at be.

1 First sal ye luue god wid al yure herte and wid al yure saul and wid al yure uertu,

2 And ti prome als ti self; sua ah ye at do.91

3 Man [f. 7v] ah ye ne noht at sla;

4 na to licherie ga;

5 Na til yifte;

6 Na cuuatus;92

7 Ne bere fals witnes,

8 bot onur alle men;

9 & do til na man bot als tu walde man did to ye;

10 And leue yin ahen wille, and foliz godis wil;

b and halde ye in chastite, and iuil langingis do away;

13 luue fasting;

14 ye pouir help bi for ye ga;

15 yat ere nakid claye;

16 wisit yat er seke;

17 ye dede winde and til eryd bringe;

18 Sahtil yat ere wraze;

20 And uncuye be wid ye dedis of93 ye werld;

21 luue god ouir alle ying.

22 when yu es in ire, heuin ye noht; yar of cumis ille ending.94

24 Halde na feluni in yi harte;

25 Ne giue na fals pes;

26 Charite felle yu noht;

29 Iuil for iuil sal tu noht do,

30 Ne wrang to na man; Til god uengance fallis it. Yef ani do yu wrang, ye sal take it in pacience,95

31 Als hali boke cumandis.96 Ye sal luue yure enemis

32 & striue noht ogain yam, ne banne yam noht, bot blisce yam and suffir iugement.

34 Ye ne sal noht be prude in herte;

36 Ne ete our mikil;

35 Ne drinc ouir mikil;

37 Mesurelike slepe;

38 Ne be noht slau,

39 Ne gruchande;

41 In god al yure trouz, and ful of [f. 8r] charite;97

42 And yef ye finde ani gode in yu, till god sal ye louing be, and grace til him giue.

44 ye sal dute domis day

45 And te fir of helle;

46 and haue god trouz til ye lif yat lastes ay;

47 And ilke day yat ye yinke o pon ye ded;

49 And haue bi fore yu yat god in alle stedis may se;

50 wicke yohtis do oway yat to yu cume, and bide yaim ga forz, and quite yu wid scrift;98

51 And gete yure muyes fra unait wordis;

55 haly lescun bliyelike here;

56 And clene uresum for to lere;

57 wid teris and wid sizing knau yure sinne,

58 sua sal ye amende yu o gain god;

59 leue ye wille of yure fles,

c sua sal ye yure sinnes les.

61 yat yure abes cumandis yu, sal ye do, and be not yar o gain, Als ure lauerd bad his deciplis; his cumandement do noht oway;

64 luues chastite

69 and kaste pride oway; loke ye do sua.99

70 ye alde men sal ye onur,

71 ye yunge luuv in god;

72 And pray for yure enmis;

d and for giue yaim yaire fautes yat mis do ogain yu.

73 yef ye be wrad yan ye sune rises, make pes are it ga to rest.

74 yat ye ne falle in na mis hope, bot in godis trouz to liue.

75 yis is yentendement of haly kirke for to wirke godis wille;100

76 [f. 8v] yan sal it come be for us at ye day of dome; he giuis us ure mede.

e God giue us yat ilke mede yat he hizte til hise freendis,

77 yat nan eye may se, ne erin here, ne herte forz telle,101 what god hauis graid til ya yat luues him.

78 Luues102 haly kirke and yure cloister; yanne may ye do godis wille.103

f Lauerd,104 giue us sua yir cumandemens at do, yat we may cum to yi ioy!


Notes to Chapter 4

90. 4:a. Or Quae sunt instrumenta. Title for chapter 4.

91. 4:2. sua . . . do: renders deinde in both v. 2 and v. 3.

92. 4:6. This is repeated.

93. 4:20. ye dedis of is written twice.

94. 4:22. Latin: Iram non perficere.

95. 4:30. Latin: Iniuriam non facere, sed et factas patienter sufferre.

96. 4:31. Als . . . cumandis: expansion

97. 4:41. and . . . charite: expansion

98. 4:50. Latin: Cogitationes malas cordi suo advenientes mox ad Christum allidere et seniori spiritali patefacere

99. 4:69. loke . . . sua: expansion

100. 4:75. Latin: Ecce haec sunt instrumenta artis spiritalis.

101. 4:77. ne . . . telle: expansion

102. 4:78. Luues ] uues

103. 4:78. Latin: Officina vero ubi haec omnia diligenter operemur claustra sunt monasterii et stabilitas in congregatione.

104. 4:f. Lauerd ] auerd

[Chapter 5]

a In yis sentence spekis sain benet of obedience, what it is at saie.

1 Yat105 es te firste mekenes: wid uten duelling til yat man bidis yu do.

2 Meke106 bi houis yu be for ye luue of god, for he mekid him for yu.107

3 Meke108 yu godis seruise in hali kirke109 and do yure miht yar to, yat ye may fle ye fir of helle and cum til heuin rike; yare es faire at be.

4 Yat110 yure abes cumandes yu at do, yat ye do it suiftlike;

5 als god cumandis: "Ob auditu &c.-- Yurz111 ye wordis ye here o me, yan ah ye at be meke";

6 als yure maistiresse112 leris yu, als it sais: "Qui uos audit -- what sam heris yu, yan heris me."

7 for yi sal ye understande yaim: yat of mekenes wil lere, yai sal here ye cumandemens, and do als man bidis yam.

8 ye sal leue [f. 9r] yure ahen propir will, and do oyir mens.

9 yoz ye be in labur, and yure maistires cumande yu at do a noyir ying, ye sal laie it dune, & do yat scho bidis; yan er ye buxum under reule. ilkain sal take discipline at oyir, als hir mastiresse yoz scho ware, in ye dute of god.

11 ye sal wne yu til strate gate, for ye luue of god; Als ure lauerd sais: "Angustia &c.-- Straite gatis toke I me for to giue yu asaumpil at liue."

12 ye ne sal noht liue in yure ahen wille, bot giue yu til mekenes. ye sal do oyer mens wille, yef ye wil cum to god.113 Ya yat wil liue in cuuent, yai sal haue maistiresse114 ouir yam for to yeme yaim,

13 yat tay foliz ye wordis of god, als he sais: "Non veni &c.-- I ne come not in til erye for to do mi wille, bot my fadirs yat me sent."115

14 yat es godis wille, yat ye foliz yure ordir, and luue til yure prome, and do with uten gruching yat yu es cumandid.

15 ye mekenes yurz god ye can, als he sais him self: "Qui uos audit -- yat heris in yu,116 yai here me."

16 For yi bi houis ye decipils do ye mekenes, als yai haue tane to; yat es godis wille.117

17 yoz yu gruche, ye cumandement sal be haldin.

18 And yef yu gruches & dos yat ilke ying, god es noht paid yar of; [f. 9v] for he ses ty herte,

19 & for ty hauis you no mede of yat ying yat tu dos gruchande; for yi sal tu quite ye wid scrift; ye, it bi cimis yu.

b lauerd gif us sua meke at be, yat we may halde ure ordir, and syne cume til ye ioy yat lastes ay. Amen.

Notes to Chapter 5

105. 5:1. yat ] at

106. 5:2. Meke ] eke

107. 5:2. for . . . yu: expansion

108. 5:3. Meke ] eke

109. 5:3. Latin: quod professi

110. 5:4. Yat ] at

111. 5:5. Yurz ] urz

112. 5:6. Latin: dicit doctoribus

113. 5:12. yef . . . god: expansion

114. 5:12. Latin: abbatem

115. 5:13. Latin: sed eius qui misit me

116. 5:15. yu ] me

117. 5:16. Latin: Et cum bono animo a discipulis praeberi opertet, quia hilarem datorum diligit Deus

[Chapter 6]

a Sain benet spekis in yis sentence of silence, how 3e sal it halde.

1 he bidis yat 3e do als ye prophete sais: "kepe 3our tunge,

2 it speke118 no scaye, & 3our lippis fra iuil, & kepe 3ow fro dedly synne."

3 for yi sal 3e seldin speke, for 3e sal speke nan unat, ne vse yow noht yar to.

5 & in oyir stede es writen: "Mors & uita &c.-- In ye pointe of ye tunge es lif & ded."

loke wheper 3e wil take to.119

6 ye maistires120 aw at speke for to lere hyr dicipils wisdom. ye decipils sal here yar lesson & understand it.

Notes to Chapter 6

118. 6:2. speke ] spke

119. 6:5. loke . . . to: expansion

120. 6:6. Latin: magistrum

[Chapter 7]

a Of mekenes spekis sain benet in yis sentence,

1 & sais with hali scripture:121 "Omnis qui se exaltat &c.-- ya yat heyes yam, yai sal be mekid; & yai yat mekes yam sal be heyed."

2 vre lord saide yat it es pride in yaim yat hyes yaim.

3 Til mekenes he bides yu se,122 & say als ye prophete saide, when he spac til ure lauerd with muye:123 "Domine, non est &c.-- lauerd, my hart es not heyid in me, ne min eyen. Mikil o me ne held I noht to praise me self.

4 yef I leuid at se to mekenes & heyid me, My lauerd munde do [f. 10r] to my saul als ye barne yat is done fra his modir milke ouir arlike."

5 Mikyl walde he fle pride, ye prophete, als hali writ sais. Yef ye wyl be hezid, lokes yat ye be meke,

6 And make yure stize to he heuin wid yure gode dedis, yat iacob saz slapande: he saz gode wid124 his angels cume dune and vp in ye stede yare he lay. yef ye wil se to mekenes, yare sal ye be hezed, and gang vp wid yat stize.

7 yat bitakins, yan yai com dune, ye sal be lazed, yef ye be prude; and tan yai yede vp, yat ye sal be hezed, yef ye to mekenes can se.

8 Ye stize betakins vre lif here.

9 ye stize hauis tua tres bitakins ye body and te saul, ayyar at helpe oyir. ye stelis by tuixe bitakins oure gude dedis, yat sal bere vs vp to god. ye tres betakins mekenes to goddis seruise and vnder discipline.

b Lauerd, we prai ye for yi misericorde yat we mai sua yeme yis reul o mekenes, In ye felazscap of yin angels yat we may be. amen. Qui viuis & regnas deus per omnia secula.

c Sain Benet sais yat te dedis of mekenes ere ful suete; sua kennis he us;

10 And sais yat ye sal haue firste ye dute of god,

11 yat ye liue sua, yat ye be noght for getil and fle evil dedis, And tat ye recorde wel ye cumantemens of god. Loke yat ye fle sinne, [f. 10v] yef ye wile cume to ye ioy of heuin fra ye pines of helle; yat yure wyl be euir at gete yu fra scaye;

12 yat ye gete yu fra iuil yohtes, yure tunges fra iuil speche, yure eyen, yure hend, yure fete fra vnait gate, fra iuil wylle; And scere o way al ye langing of yure fleis.

13 God ses al yure yoght and al yure dedis. ye angel yat here yemis yu dos hym at wit all yure dedis;

14 sua sais te prophete. Alle yure yohtes may he se; And whyder yai wyl lede ye, resun sal ye yelde of yam.

18 for yi ah ye at gete yu fra iuil yohtes, yat ye may cume to ye ioy of heuin.

d god gyf it us! amen.

e Of propir wyl spekis sain benet;

19 and ye sall do it als god bidis in haly writ and sais: "Et a voluntatibus -- Turne yu fra yure wille and gete yu fra iuil;

f yan may ye liue in pais."

21 Of yure ahen wylle sall ye blinne, al yat wil do yu sinne; Als it is wrytyn: "Sunt vie que -- ye rihte gate, it es til ye lyf yat lastes ay."125 ya gates sal ye fle yat wicke men gas to hell by.

22 for yi ar yai rotyn yat folyzed wicke wylle; hauid tay na bettir mede.

23 sua sal yure antente be, yat god may se al yure wylle; Als te prophete sais. He sais: "all his langing es by fore god."

24 for yi [f. 11r] es gude yat ye doe o way yure wicke dedis & yohtes; ye dede is set to chasti yaim.

27 for witte ye wele yat god may se baye iuil and gude; es noght hyd be fore hym.

28 God lokis ut of heuin in tyl erye tyll hise at visit yaim, and lokes yef man askys hym ohte.

For yi lokys yat ye do wel, yat yure angel may do yure nedis to god of al yat ye haue nede.

30 And getes yu wel, yure fautes be noght musterd by fore god.

g Lauerd, yu do vs sua at liue, yat we may deliuir us of al vre fautes, And siyin to ioy cume. Amen.

31 Ye toyir maner o mekenes is, sais sain benet, For to hate yure ahen propir wyl, And fulfil noght yure langing,

32 bot do godis wylle, and his desire fulfille; Als him selfe sais: "Non veni &c. -- I ne cume noght for to do my wille, bot my fadirs126 yat me sent."

33 And in odyr stede sais he: "Voluntas habet &c.-- Wille he hauide paine at do, at haue ye curune yat lastes ay, als it was hys wille."127

h Lauerd, we pray ye yat we may sua halde yis mekenes, yat we may do yi wille. amen.

34 Of ye yridde maner o mekenes

i spekys sain benet to ya in his reul wyl be,

34 And bidis yat ye sal be meke vnder yure abbes128 and do godis seruise; Als ta postil saide of godis sune, yat he was meke riht tyl ye ded.

j God giue vs yat [f. 11v] we may sua be. amen.

35 Of ye ferye maner o mekenes

k spekys sain benet,

35 hu ye sal meke yu of yingis yat yu yinc es igainis yu, yat fallis to yure ordir. yef man dos yu ani wrang, ye sal take it in pacience,

36 and noht fle yar fore, ne leue yure gode dede; Als haly boke sais: "Qui perseuerauerit &c. -- Wha sua wel wirkis til endyng, yai sal be sauf of alle ying";

37 Als ye prophete sais: "Confortetur &c.-- ye sal haue cumfort in yure hertis of god."

38 For yi sal ye be of pacience, for ye luue of god, of ying yat es o ganis yure fleis; Als te prophete sais to god: Lauerd, we ere ilke day, for ye luue of ye, in ye dute of dede als te shep yat ere driuin to ded, for we folih ye;

39 bliye like we suffir it, for we sal haue mede of ye";

40 Als haly writ sais: "Probasti nos &c. -- Lauerd, yu prouis vs here als to siluir yat es brind; yu did vs in ye lay and noy opon vre bak."

41 for we sulde lere vnder maistires129 hu we sulde liue; Als te letter sais: "Inposuisti &c .-- Ouir vs hauis yu don men," yi wylle at fulfille.

l ya yat ere vnbuxum, yai sal be done to paine.

43 Of yaim spekis sain paul, and sias yat tay were fals.

m Yai caste yair mantil and rennis a mise. yat bytakins, yai sal liue here bot [f. 12r] a while. Alle be blisced yat weris taim.

n God giue vs sua meke at be, and sua his wille at do, yat we his ioy cum to. amen.

44 Of ye fifte maner o mekenes

o spekis sain benet for to lere hys sistirs

44 hu yai salle scriue yaim to yair abbes, baye nunne and sistir.130 Loke yat ye be buxum and scriue yu of alle ye sinnis yat ye haue don;

45 Als haly writ bidis yu: "Reuela domino &c. -- Mustir til god at yi gate, & he sal make it in pes."

46 And in odir stede sais he: "Confitemini &c. -- Knaus to god al yure sinne, for he es of mercy and gude at al nede."

47 yet sais ye prophete: "Delictum meum &c .-- Lauerd, I mustird ye myne dedis, I ne hid tam noht and alle my herte."

48 yan ye do yus, yan sale yure sinnes be for gyvin.

p Lauerd giue vs grace sua for to muster vre dedis, yat we may til his ioy cum. amen.

q Sain Benet spekis of

49 ye sexte de grece of mekenes Til his sistirs, and sais yat ilkain sal halde yaim selfe lest of alle odir.

r And al yingis yat man bidis yu do, yat ye do it mekely, yat resunnabil es. yu sal yinke in yi herte yat tu es vndinge to gode dede;

50 Als ye prophete saide: "Ad nichilum &c .-- Til na ying es I made [f. 12v] bot for to doe godis wylle. ic131 is like tyl a mere yat beris yat man lais on hir bak."

s In what dede sam ye be, loke yat yure yoht and yure herte [be] to god almihten.

t Lauerd, we praie ye, what sam we do, yat we to ye be broht. amen.

u Sain benet spekis yet til his sistirs of

51 ye seuind degrece o mekenes, and bidis yat ye sal meke yu ilka in til oyir, baye mare & lesse,

52 And saie als te prophete saide: "Ego sum &c. -- Ic132 es wrmis and na man, And ut castyng o men.

53 First was ic133 hezed, and siyin lazed yur scrifte, and ouir cumin."

54 sua sal ye do & tanne mai ye sai with ye prophete: "Bonum michi &c. -- Lauerd, god it es to me yat yu mekyd me to lere yine cumandemens."

v God giue vs sua his cumandemens at lere, yat we may cume til his mekenes. Amen.

55 Of ye ahtend maner o mekenes

w spekis sain benet til his cuuent, and bidis yat

55 ye sal do als te reul sais, And als it cumandis, And meke vnder yare maistres134 in alle yaire dedis.

x Lauerd, ye giue vs at halde yis mekenes til yending. amen.

y Sain benet spekis til his cuuent of

56 ye nihend degrece o mekenes, And biddis [f. 13r] yat ye ne sal noght vse yu tyl mekil speche.

57 for hali writ spekis yare of, and sais yat naman may mikil speke, bot yef yare be sinne i mang,

z Na naman wil prayse yaim yat es of mikil speche; Ofte speke yai wrang.

aa Lauerd, yu giue vs sua vre silence to yeme, yat we may serue ye to queme, in yuye and in elde. amen.

59 Of ye tende maner o mekenes

bb spekis sain benet til his cuuent,

59 And bidis yat ye ne sal noght be ouir lazand; and yinkes what ye prophete sais: "Stultus in risu &c. -- ye fool turnes hys yoght in til lazter, and helpis noht."

cc Lauerd, we pray ye yis resun be halden with vs, and send vs yi wit. AMeN.

dd Sain benet spekis yet til his cuuent

60 Of ye ellofte maner of mekenes, And biddis yat ye sal mekely speke when ye speke, &

wid vten lazter, and o fa wordis & stabil, and speke wiselike. yan yu sal speke to yi felahe, crie noght o pon hir, bot faire aske yin erand,

61 als haly boke sais: "Sapiens verbis &c.-- ye wyse man musters hym wid fa wordis & welle sitande."

ee Lauerd, we pray ye Of yis maner yat we may be. Amen.

ff [f. 13v] Saint benet spekis in yis sentence

62 Of ye telfete maner o mekenes, And bidis yat ye sal meke yure herte til alle men baye to mare & les.

63 In what labur135 sam ye be, yoz ye be in ye kirke, Ouyir in ye garde ouyir in gate,

Ouyir in felde, ouyir what labur sam ye do, yat ye haue yure heuid is enclin to136 yerye,

64 And yeneke on yure synnys for to mende yaim, And tat ye be als rad als ye saz ye iugiment of god,

65 And yinke what ye puplicane saide, when he laide hym by hinde ye dore,137 Als te gospel telles: "Domine, non sum dignus &c. -- Lauerd, I ne is noght digue at lifte mine ezin til heuin for mine sinnes."

66 loke what ye prophete sais til oure lauerd in haly writ: "Incuruatus sum &c. -- Ic is lazed and mekid til alle yat mine ezin se."

67 When ye haue fulfild yis al, yire mekenes, yan sal ye cume til perfite charite,

69 til ye ioy yat god hauis graid til mannis sunis.

gg Lauerd, graunt it vs, yat we may sua yir mekenes halde, yat we to yi ioy may cume. amen. Qui viuis &c.

Notes to Chapter 7

121. 7:1. I is written above the line.

122. 7:3. Til . . . se: expansion

123. 7:3. when . . . muye: expansion

124. 7:6. god wid: expansion

125. 7:21. it . . . ay: expansion

126. 7:32. Latin: eius

127. 7:33. als . . . wille: expansion

128. 7:34. Latin: maiori

129. 7:41. Latin: priore

130. 7:44. baye . . . sister: expansion

131. 7:50. ic ] it

132. 7:52. Ic ] it

133. 7:53. ic ] it

134. 7:55. Latin: maiorum

135. 7:63. Latin: in opere Dei

136. 7:63. to ] do

137. 7:65. when . . . dore: expansion

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