London, British Library,
MS Lansdowne 378, ff. 1b-42b, 15th century.

[Chapter 8]

1 In ye tyme of wintir, yat es fra ye Kalandis of nouembir til ye paskys, als it is forlokyd wyd resun, yanne sal ye ryse at ye aztend time [f. 14r] of ye nyght,

a yat it be litil ouir mid nyght;

2 yan es tyme at rise, als it is set, til godis seruise;

3 And siyin, ye space eftir matins, til sauters and til haly lescuns at here.

b Yat es hele of ya yat ere in138 sekenes, yat es at say in sinne.

4 And fra ye paskis til ye Kalandis of nouembir sal ye tyme be sua set, yat tare be lytil entirual,

c yat ta yat sal ga til laburs, yat tay may haue ye morning in ye begining of ye lyth to yair labur.

Note to Chapter 8

138. 8:3. in is written above the line.

[Chapter 9]

1 In ye tyme of wintir, yan sal ye first vers be at matins: "Deus, in adiutorium";139 And in ye toyer tyme yris yis vers: "Domine, labia mea aperies";

2 at ye yridde tyme aiont wid ye "gloria patri";140

3 and siyyn efter ye nihend ferye salme wid ye antefen ouyir wid vten;141

4 and syyin efter ye ymne; And tare eftyr sexe salmis wid ye antefens.

5 Wen yai ere said and te verset, yabbasse saie ye benecun; yan sal alle site, And nym yre lescuns, red o pon ye lettrun, & by tuixe ye lescuns yre respuns;

6 and eftir ye yridde respun ye vers wid ye "gloria patri",

7 standande alle for ye onur of the haly trinite,

8 ye boke of ye halizes sal be red, baye of ye newe lay & of yalde testament, and te exposiciuns of yaim Of oure fore fadirs yat ware in stabil trouz.

9 Eftir ye yre lescuns wid ye respuns, Oyir sexe salmis sungen wid alleluia.

10 And eftir salbe redde ye lescun of ya postils wid gude deuocion,142 and te vers, and siyin ye letanie "Kyrieleison."

11 And sua [f. 14v] finise matins.

Notes to Chapter 9

139. 9:1. Deus, in adiutorium: expansion

140. 9:2. Latin: Cui subiungendus est tertius psalmus et gloria.

141. 9:3. Latin: cum antiphona, aut certe decantandum

142. 9:10. Latin: ex corde

[Chapter 10]

1 FRa ye paskis til ye kalandis of nouembir sal be halden a quantite of ye salmis, als is said bi fore;

2 for ye nihtis er scorte als mikil, yat te yre lescunis be noght red, bot an for ya yre of yalde testament, wid a scort respun;

3 Bot al ye toyir finist, als it sais by fore, yat na nyht be lesse saide yan tuelue salmis, vt takyn ye yridde and te nihende ferye salme.

[Chapter 11]

1 In ye sunendais es for to ryse arliker,

2 And halde yure mesur o waking; yat es yat ye syng143 ye sexe salmes and te vers, als is ordainde by fore, sitande alle wid ordir, and foure lescuns red wid respuns, als es ordainde,

3 and eftir ye "gloria patri"; yan sal alle stande for ye reuerence;

4 And efter oyir sexe salmis wid ye antefens, als by fore, wid ye werset;

5 And efter oyir foure lescuns wid ye respuns, wid yat ilke ordir by fore;

6 And tare eftir yre cantikils of ye prophetis, als te abes stablis, and songen wid "alleluia";

7 siyin ye verset, and te abes te benicun; And siyin foure lescuns red of ye new lay wid yat ilke ordir by fore.

8 Efter ye ferye Respun, yabbes sal by gynne yis ymme: "Te deum laudamus."

9 When it is finist, yanne sal yabbes by ginne a lescun of ye [f. 15r] gospel wid honur and wyd ye dute of god; yan sal alle stande.

10 when it is red, ye oyir sal say amen; And tabbesse by ginne: "Te decet laus"; And giue ye benicun, and biginne matins.

11 Yis ordir sal be haldin euin like opon ye sundais als wel in sumir als in winter,

12 bot if it sua be, yat ye rise ouir late; yan may ye make lesse lescuns;

13 bot loke yat it be time yu noht. Loke yat it be endid wid al yat fallis yar to.144And yef it fallis yu ani time, On waim ye for getilnes es on long sal man take amendis for yat faute in ye kirke.

Notes to Chapter 11

143. 11:2. ye syng is written twice

144. 11:13. Loke . . . to: expansion

[Chapter 12]

1 At matins on ye feste dais, First sal ye saie sexe salmis146 wid vten antefens,

2 And siyin ye fyftyd salme wid "alleluia."

3 wen yai ar said, ye hundred seuintende and ye sextid ye secunde,

4 siyin ye benichune,147 and a leschun red of ya apocalips wid gude deuocion, & te respun, and te ymme ambrosine, and te uerset, and te antefen of ye gospel,148 & te letanie, and sent forz.

Notes to Chapter 12

145. 12:1. Latin: In matutinis dominico die

146. 12:1. Latin: dicatur sexagesimus sextus psalmus

147. 12:4. Latin: benedictiones et laudes; that is, the Canticle of the Three Youths plus psalms 148 through 150.

148. 12:4. Latin: canticum de Evangelia

[Chapter 14]

1 In ye haly dais al sal be als we haue bi fore saide id on ye sundais,

2 Bot yat te salmis and te antefens and te lescuns be saide als [f. 15v] fallis to ye day.

Bot te vse bi fore be haldin.

[Chapter 15]

1 Fra ye paskis til ye witsundai salle "alleluia" be saide wid vten entirual149 als wel at te salmis als at te respuns.

2 And fra ye witsunday til ye lentyn sal it ilke niht be saide wid ye sexe last salmis of te nocturne.

3 Ilke sunday wid uten lentin sal ye cantikils be said wid "alleluia", Matins, Prime, Vndrin, Midday, Noon; Al be saide wid "alleluia";

4 Bot te respuns noht Bot fra ye paskis til ye witsunday.

Note to Chapter 15

149. 15:1. Latin: sine intermissione

[Chapter 16]

1 Als te prophete sais: "Sepcies in die laudem dixi tibi -- Seuin siye o po day saie I louing to ye."

2 Whilke haly seuin syye er ya yat sal be ful fild wid vs o yis maner, yef we folih ye vris of god: Of Matins, Of prime, of Vndrin, Of Midday, Of noon, Of euensang, Of cumplin.

3 Of yes times sais he: "seuin syye o po day saie I louing to ye."

4 Til ya yat rysis o night and wakis Sais vre lauerd:150 "My frende, o niht ras I for yu and wakid."

5 For yi sal ye giue louing til hym, in ye iugiment of hys riht- [f. 16r] visnes, at matins, at prime, at vndern, At midday, at noon, at euensang, at cumplin; And151 o nith ryse for to loue hym.

Notes to Chapter 16

150. 16:4. Latin: Nam de nocturnis vigiliis idem ipse propheta ait

151. 16:5. And ] At

[Chapter 17]

1 Now haue we deuisid ye ordir of ye salmis on ye niht, at matins.

Loke we now tyl ye vris yat folihis.

2 At prime yre salmis ilkain by yam ane.152

3 Ye ymne of yis ilke vre sal be saide efter yis verse: "Deus in adiutorium meum," Are ye beginne te salme.

4 when ye yre salmis ere saide, a lescun sal be red, and siyin ye vers, And "Kyryeleison," and finist ye hure.

5 Vndern, Midday, Noon wid yat ilke ordir be sungen, yat is, wid vers, wid ymnis yat fallis to yaim, yre salmis, and lescuns, and vers, and "Kyryeleison"; And sua finise ye vres.

6 Ye salmis sal be sung wid antefens, yef ye cuuent be mikil; And yef yai be fa, saie it plane forde.

7 Bot euensang sal be saide wid foure salmes And te Antefens,

8 And efter ye salmis A lescun, & siyin ye respun, and siyin ye ymne te verset, ye cantikyl of ye gospel, and te letanie, And syyin ye "Pater noster." O yis maner sal ye vris be sent forde.153

9 Cumplin [f. 16v] sal be saide wid yre salmis wid vten antefens,

10 & siyin ye ymne yat fallis yar to, A lescun, and te verset, & siyin "Kyryeleison," and te benicun, and sent forde ye vris til god.

Notes to Chapter 17

152. 17:2. Latin: psalmi tres singillatim et non sub una gloria

153. 17:8. Latin: fiant missae

[Chapter 18]

13:12 Sain Benet cumandis yat tis ying be haldin, yat yure "Pater noster" be saide hezelike at matins and at euinsang, for ye sclandir yat hauis ben of religiun yat cuye not noht154 yaire "pater noster."

Ilkain ah at to quite yam of yis vice.

13:13 Alle ah at to cune yair "Pater noster" yat in religiun wil be als god cumandis. for ye sal vmbe yinke yu what resun fallis to yis vers, when ye it saie: "Et dimitte nobis debita nostra, sicut & nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris."

a Yan prai we yus: "Lauerd, yu for giue vs ure sinnis, als we for giue yaim yaire fautes yat hauis mis don a gain vs."

b When ye here yis vers at matins, ye sal for giue alle men yaire trespas for ye loue o gode.

c And als sua at euinsang sal 3e for giue. for yi wil sain benet yat it be saide hezlike, for alle wrezis sal be for giuin.

d Lauerd giue vs sua at liue, & sua at for giue, yat we may ga ye riht gate til heuin. Amen.

Note to Chapter 18

154. 13:12. not noht: evidently wrong.

[Chapter 19]

a [f. 17r] In yis sentence tellis sain benet hu ye sal do yure office, when ye cume in to ye kyrke.

1 Ye sal true yat god may se in alle stedis baye vyl & gude.

2 Ye az at say yure seruise als ye stode by fore god, wyd als gude deuocyon,155

3 And think wat te prophete saide: "Seruite domino &c. -- Ye sal serue god wyd ahe, & here hym wyd dowte."156

4 And in oyir stede sais he: "Psallite -- ye sal singe god wyslike";

5 Als haly write sais: "In conspectu &c. -- Lauerd, I sing to ye in ye siht of yin angels to loue ye."

6 loke ye do yure seruise als ye stode by fore god almihti.

7 And lokis, when ye sing, yat yure herte acorde wid yure voice; yan sing ye riht.

b Lauerd, yu giue vs sua vre seruise at do, to ye felazscap of angels yat we may cum.

Notes to Chapter 19

155. 19:2. Latin: maxime tamen hoc sine aliqua dubitatione credamus cum ad opus divinum assistimus.

156. 19:3. & here . . . dowte: expansion

[Chapter 20]

a Sain benet spekis in yis sentence til hys cuuent, and kennys yam how yai sal make yair prayer to god & wid what reuerence.

1 When ye wyl aske any thing at a ryche man in ertht, ye aske ful mekelike yure erande.

2 wyd mekil mare deuociun ahte ye yanne at pray to god, of whaim yat al ye gude cumis.

3 yure antente sal be yat ye ne sal noght be herde for yure many wordis; bot scort vrisun,

[f. 17v] and wyd deuocion, and wyd terys of herte;

4 for yi sal yure vrisun be breue & clene, Bot yef it sua bi tide, yat any falle in mis trouz; yan sal scho pray gerne to god.

5 Bot te cuuent vrisun sal be breue, yat ere in stedfast trouz.

b Lauerd, we prai ye yat we may suilke vrisun make, yat it be to ye157 wil. AmeN.

Note to Chapter 20

157. 20:a. ye ] yi

[Chapter 21]

a In yis sentence spekys sain Benet of ya yat sal be in officis, and bidis,

1 yef ye cuuent be mikil, yat tay sal be chossin yat sal ye officis yeme,

3 And by kenne it taim yat best can serue god & te cuuent;

2 als tabbesse cumandis taim sal yai do.

4 Yabbes ah at set nan yar to bot yat scho is sikir offe, yoz yai be noht ye ordenest, bot yat tay be of clene lif and leel.

5 Yef any waxe prude in hir office, man sal byd hyr amend hyr Ane tyme, and anoyir tyme, And ye yirdde tyme. Yef yai wil noht a mende sua, man sal do yam ut of yair bayly,

6 And do a noyir in hir stede, yat man ses es dingne.

b Sain benet cumandis,

7 yef priuresse be prudde, yat man sal do sua wid hir.

c Lauerd, yu giue us sua vre office at do and resun at yelde, yat we may cume til ioy [f. 18r] yat lastes ay. Amen.

[Chapter 22]

a Sain Benet spekys here, and kennis yu hu

1 ye sal slape ilkain in bedde by yam ane,

2 al wid ordir, als tabbesse lokys taym.

3 Yef yt sua may be, alle sal lie in a hus, yat ilkain wite of oyir. Yef ye hus be ouyr litel, summe sal lie in a noyir huse, ten ouyir tuenty. Bot te eldest be wyd yam for to yeme yaim.

4 & yat ye haue liht al ye nyht brinnande.

5 Ye sal lie clad and beltyd. Knyvys sal ye haue nane by yure bed, nouyir gret ne smal.

6 When ye bel ringis, yat ye be redy, and ilkain help oyir, and ga in to ye kyrke til godys seruise.

7 Ye nouice beddis sal be yat nane yaire may nehe oyir; By tuix yalde yai sal lie.

8 Man sal wakin yaim faire til godis seruise.

b Lauerd giue vs sua for to lie and sua for to rise, yat we may haue ye ioy yat lastes ay. Amen.

[Chapter 23]

a In yis sentence leris sain Benet hys cuuent hu yaire fautes sal be amendid.

1 Yef any be of grete herte and wyl noht be buxum, ouyir prud, ouyir ani greuching make aigain haly religiun, ouyir ye cumandement [f. 18v] hauis in despit, ya yat ere of suilke dedis,

2 Priuelike man sal amoneste yam, yat tay amende yaim.

3 yef yay wyl noht amende sua, yai sai be broht by fore ye cuuent and tare amende hir faute.

4 Yef sho wyl not yet amende, sho sal be cursyd.

5 yef sho be a fole & ful of iuil, and mas na force of ye cursing, sho sal be berid ful wel, and do hir158 a mende it sua.

b Lauerde schilde vs fra yat cursing; and yef ani yar inne be, god for his grace bringe yam vte. AmeN.

Note to Chapter 23

158. 23:5. hir ] it

[Chapter 24]

a In yis sentence mustirs sain Benet Hu man sal do wid yaim yat es in sentence, & bidis

1 yat man sal do yaim efter yaire faute es.

3 yef ye faute be litil, yai sal make ye cuuent at wite and a ioingue hir yar eftir.

4 Wylys sho is in sentence, sho ne sal noht be in cuuent, til it be amendid, In kirke ne salme beginne ne antefin, lescun nan rede.

5 sho sal [ete] when alle hauis etin.

6 Yef yai ete at midday, sho salle ete at noon; yef yai ete at noon, sho sal ete at euin, als te ordir sais,

7 til sho haue amendid hir faute.

b Lauerd giue vs sua vre scrifte at do, yat we may hys rengne cum to.

[Chapter 25]

a Sain Benet spekys in yis sentence til

1 ya yat ere fallen in greuer faute, [f. 19r] Ha yai sal amende. Yai ne sal noht cum in ye kirke, na in fraitur, Bot yef yabbesse cumande hir.

2 Nan sal comun wid hir, Bot an yat es set til hir.

3 Wid greting sal scho do, and wyd reuye of herte, ye penance yat es laid on hir; sua salle hir fautes be mendid. for sain paul sais

4 yat yai yat dos wicke dedis, yat tay giue yam selfe til ye deuil. for yi ah yai at be chastid, yat te saule ga noht til helle.

5 And ta yat ere in cursing, yai ah at dreze yaire penance wid reuye of herte and be sari of yair dede, yat te deuil haue na pouste ouir yaim.

6 sho sal ete al ane suilke als tabes cumandis hir; nan sal blisse hir mete.

b Lauerd for his grace, he silde vs fra suilke paine. Amen.

[Chapter 26]

a Sain benet sais in yis sentence:

1 yef any sister ouyir broyir of yordir be sua hardi at comun wid hir, wid vten cumandement of yabbes, wid speche, ouyir ani erand sendis til hir suilke159

2 sentence sal sho haue.

b Lauerd for his grace, he gete vs fra yat sentence160 and fra alle oyir.

Notes to Chapter 26

159. 26:1. suilke ] suil

160. 26:b. sentence ] sense

[Chapter 27]

1 In al maner, sais sain benet, sal yabbesse ta yeme of ya yat mis dose; for ye hale hauis [f. 19v] na mister o miri, Bot te seke hauis mister.

2 For yi sal sho do als te wyse miri dos, yat wyl hele ye seke.

3 Priuelike sal sho sende an ordane nunne til hir yat es in sentence at comforth hir, and for to turne hir wylle til amendement and til mekenes, and for to moneste hir yat sho haue reuye in herte of hir misdedis and riht trouz;

4 Als sain paul ya postil sais: "Mikil charite mustirs he." al ah at prai for hym.

5 On alle maner sal yabbes entirmete hir Al maner of sentence at muster til hir sep, yat nan be tint.

6 for wyte sho wel sho hauis vnder tan ye saules at gede, And noht at striue o gain yaim.

7 Bot sho sal haue dute of yat vre lauerd saide wyd ye prophete til ye hirdis of haly kirke:

"Quod crassum videbatis &c. -- Yat fat ere, sal ye ta; yat ere febyl let ga." Yis is at vnder stande, yat so ne sal noht entirmete hir sua mikil of ya yat ere strang and hale als of ya yat ere febyl and seke.

8 O yis maner sal yabbesse folize ye saumpyl of Ihesu, ye gude herde, yat lefte in ye munte ane wane of a hundrez sep, and yede at seke yis ane yat was want.

9 When he hauid funden it, sa fain he was; he toke it on his haly schuldirs and broht it til yoyir.

a Yis is at vnderstande [f. 20r] yat he lefte in heuin ye felascap of angels and com in til erye at laite ye man yat was tint; sua mekyl pyte hauid he of hym, yat he yurz his haly grace by comman & bar manes kinde til ye felazscap of angels til paradis, where in Adam fel for hys synne.

b Lauerd, for yi merci giue vs grace sua at wirke, yat we til yat felazscap may cume.

[Chapter 28]

a Sain benet sais:

1 yef any be tane ofte in faute, and sho be cursid, and wyl noht yet amende, wyd smerte beting sal sho be chastyd.

2 Yef sho wyl noht o yis maner a mende, bot wid pride defende hir dede, yan sal yabbles do als te sleze miri:

3 wen sho hauis laid hir plaisters and hir vinemens wid faire wordis and te medicinis of haly writ, and cursid hyr, & berid,

4 And may noht helpe do hir best, yabbles & al ye cuuent sal pray for hir to god, yat he make hyr hale. Yef sho may noht be hale of yat maner, sho sal be done oute of yair felahscap;

6 Als te apostil sais: "Auferte malum &c. -- Do a way ye wycke fra yu."

7 And in oyir stede sais he: "Infidelis &c . -- yef so be vnleel, do hyr A way."

8 for a wicke shep may spille al ye flok.

b Lauerd, yef it be yi wille, yu [f. 20v] gete vs fra yis sentence.

[Chapter 29]

a In yis sentence sais sain Benet

1 yat wha sam es yurz yaire dedis don out of ye kirke and wil cum i gain, At te begining sal sho haite a mendement of hir faute warfore sho was don ut;

2 yanne sal so be recaiuid, And don at te laste ende for to loke hir mekenes.

3 Yef sho gas ut a noyir tyme, yris shal sho be recaiuid sua; bot siyin wite sho wel es tare161 na cuming a gain.

b Lauerd for his grace defend vs fra yis vice.

Note to Chapter 29

161. 29:3. es tare ] eftare

[Chapter 30]

a Yis sais sain benet,

1 yat ta yat ere of elde and vnderstandis, yai sal haue yaire mesur;

2 & for yi ye barnis yat ere yunge, yat vnderstandis noht what paine fallis til cursing,

3 when yai misdo, wid fasting ouyir wid smerte beting162 sal yai be chastid; yar yurz sal yai be helid.

b Lauerd, for yure pite ye gete vs fra sinne, baye yunge & alde.

Note to Chapter 30

162. 30:3. beting ] bering

[Chapter 31]

a IN yis sentence sais sain bent

1 yat te celeresse sal be chosin of ye cuuent, yat sho be meke, and sobur, and noht of mekil mete, ne prude, ne noius, ne wrang doande, ne latte, ne wastande,

2 Bot god dutande;

3 Of al yis [f. 21r] sal ye ta yeme.

4 Wid vten ye cumandement of yabbes sal sho na ying do.

5 Yat sho cumandis hir sal sho do,

6 bot sho sal [noht] noy hir sistirs.

7 Par auenture yef ani man askis hir ohte yat es a gain resun, sho sal noht for yi haue yam in despit, ne mis ancewer yam, Bot mekelike saie naie of yaire ful asking.

8 Ouir al thing sal sho gete hir saul & yincke what ta apostil sais: "Qui bene &c. -- wha sua seruis wel, mede by fore god sal he haue."

9 Of ye seke, and of ye barnis, And of gestys, and of ye pouir sal sho take yeme eftir hir miht.

For wite ye wel yat sho sal yelde resun o domes day of alle hir dedis.

10 Ye vassels yat fallis til hir mester sal sho yeme als onestelike als te vassels yat ere halized obute yauter.

11 for getil ah sho noht to be,

12 Ne ouir mikil haue, Ne ouir mikil waste of yat fallis to ye huse, Bot alle yingis do wid mesur, als tabbes cumandis hir.

13 Ouir yat sho be buxum. And when sho hauis noht at giue, yat sho anscewer yaim faire,

14 als hali writ bidis: "Sermo bonus &c. -- Gode speche es better yan grete gifte";

15 And do yat tabbes cumandis hir; and tat sho defendis, do it noht.

16 Sho sal graiye ye cuuent mete wid vten greuching163 and wid vten duelling, yat tay be noht sclaundird; And yincke what vre [f. 21v] lauerd sais in ye gospel of yaim yat sclandirs ani of his barnis: "him ware wel bettir, he sais, "yat a milnestane ware a bute his hals in ye deppest of ye se."

17 Yef ye cuuent be mikil, ye celeresse sal haue a felaze at helpe hir, yat sho wid gode wil may do hir labur yat es bitaht hir,

18 yat sho may do in time yat sho ah for to do,

19 yat nan be wrethid164 ne noid in godis hus.

b Lauerd, for yi merci giue hir sua hir office at do, yat so may haue yanc o god and of ye cuuent.

Notes to Chapter 31

163. 31:16. greuching ] gruehing

164. 31:19. wrethid ] wrehid

[Chapter 32]

a In yis sentence cumandis sain Benet

1 yat tabbesse sal ta yeme of alle ying yat fallis til ye hus, and of vstilement and oyir yingis sal sho165 puruaie of lif and ded yat so be sikir,

2 and cumande til ilkain yat sho ses ned at do.

3 Sho sal haue yam enbreuid, alle yingis yat fallis til ye hus, for to wite what sho recauis and what sho giuis, when sho sal remue yat ere in officis.

4 yef ani haue ille wroht wid ye ying yat was bitaht yaim at yeme, sho sal be apreuid;166

5 yef sho wil noht mend, ye iugiment sal sho suffir.

b Lauerd, for yi merci giue vs wel at yeme yis sentence And alle ye oyir. Amen.

Notes to Chapter 32

165. 32:1. sho ] mo

166. 32:4. apreuid ] aperuid

[Chapter 33]

a [f. 22r] Of propirte spekis sain Benet,

1 and sais yat of alle oyir vices sal man fle yis,

2 yat nan be sau hardy, yat tay o way do ne giue na ying wid vten leue of yabbesse,

3 ne yat nane haue ying in propirte, boke ne tabils, ne nan oyir ying;

4 for nan may haue yair ahen body at hys wylle ne at tair pouste.

5 yai sal haue alle yingis at tabbes yat tay haue nede of. yai sal haue na thing bot yat tabbesse deliuirs taim.

6 Yat ane hauis sal be comun til alle; Als haly boke cumandis; nan sal calle yat tay haue yair azen.

7 Yef it be an yat delitis tam in yis vice, And wil not do it, Man sal saie til hir an time, and a noyir time, and te yridde.

8 Yef so wil noht amende sua, Man sal do hir amende on oyir maner.

b Lauerd, for yi pite defende vs fra yis vice. Amen.

[Chapter 34]

a In yis sentence cumandis sain Benet

1 yat tabbes sal do als ta postils did at te begining of cristainte: yai departid yair ying til ya yat hauid nede. "yai departid," als hali writ sais, "til ilkain, als tay hauid ned." sua salle yabbes do.

2 sho salle noht loke what man he es and of what kinredin, Bot te sekenes of ilkan, and do yam eftir yat tay haue ned.

3 til god sal sho yelde grace, and noht be sari of [f. 22v] hir gifte yat so hauis giuin til ya yat hauis mare nede yan sho.

4 Tyl ye nedful sal sho meke hir for in ire sekenes, And noht bere hir heze for ye helpe yat god hauis lent hir;

5 And o this maner sal al liue in pais.

6 Ouir al ying sal yai loke ye wicke yat ere imangis yaim;

7 and yef yare be ani funden, wid smerte beting167 sal yai be amendid.

b Lauerd, for yi merci giue vs miht at fle al iuils. Amen.

Note to Chapter 34

167. 34:7. bering ] bering

[Chapter 35]

a In yis sentence bidis sain Benet yat

1 ye sal serue sua, yat nan be quit of ye seruise of ye kichin, Bot yef yai be acumbird wid sekenes ouyir wid odir laburs;

2 for man sal haue grete mede for yat seruise.

3 Til ya yat ere febil sal ye finde helpe and cumforth,168 yat tay ne serue noht wid ouir mikil noye.

4 Al sal haue comfort eftir yat ye cuuent is mikil, and efter yai ere in ese to serue.

5 Yef ye cuuent be mikil, ye celeresse sal be quit of ye seruise of ye kichin, And ta yat ere acumbird wid laburs.

6 Yis oyir sal serue al wid luue.

7 Ya yat ere out of yaire wuke sal opo ye setirday ma ye maunde,

8 and waisse ye tuailis yat tay sal wipe yaire hend opon and taire fete.

9 ya yat ga ut of ye wuke, and te toyir yat cumis in, sal waisse ye oyir fete at te [f. 23r] maunde.

10 ye vassels yat tay serue wid, sal yai ta yeme to, & yelde yame til ye celeresse clene and hale;

11 and sho sal loke what sho yeldis & what sho recaiuis.

12 Ya yat serue o ye kichin sal miste bi fore ye mikil mete bred, butter,

13 yat tay may serue wid vten gruching and wid vten noy.

15 And so yat gas vt of ye wuke, and so yat cumis in, sal recaiue ye benichun at morne at matins.

16 Sho yat gas ut sal say yis vers yris by for yauter, and al ye cuuent eftir: "Benedictus es."

17 Yan so hase rechaiuid ye benichun, yan sal ye toyir, yat sal serue eftir hir, cume by fore yauter and saie yis vers yris, and alle ye cuuent eftir: "Deus, in adiutorium";

18 And siyin rechaiue ye benichun, yat god giue hir grace at serue yaim to pay.

b Lauerd, for yi grace giue vs sua at serue, yat we may [haue] vre mede of ye.

Note to Chapter 35

168. 35:3. r is written above the line.

[Chapter 36]

a Of ye seke spekis sain benet in yis sentence, And cumandis

1 ouir al ying yat man sal ta yeme of yaim, yat tay be serued als it ware god him selfe.

2 For he sal say on domis day: "I was seke, ye visit;

3 yat ye did til an of myne, ye did it me."

4 Bot tay sal recaiue in ye onur of god ye seruise yat man dos tam; yai ne sal noht yurz yair surfait noy yaire sistirs yat seruis tam.

5 Bot [f. 23v] yef it sua be, yat taire iuil be sua mikil, man sal suffir yaim ye mare and be of pacience, for of yaim sal man haue grete mede of god.

6 Yabbesse tal ta yeme of ye seke yat tay haue na defaute.

7 A hus sal yai haue bi yam ane. And tat so yat sal serue yam dute gode, and do hir miht for to serue yam wel and wid luue.

8 Yai sal haue at ete alle timis yat tay haue mister of; bot til ye hale, yat mai wel ete, and til ye yunge sal man giue latter.

9 Ye seke yat ere febil sal man giue fleis at ete at couir yam wid al.

10 Yabbles sal do hir antente to ye seke, yat tay haue na defaute for ye forgetilnes of ye celeresse and of ye fermerier; For sho sal a mende al at tay misdo.

b Lauerd, for yi merci gete vs fra alle iuils of body & sal. Amen.

[Chapter 37]

a Of ye alde & of ye barnis spekis sain benet in yis sentence, And sais

1 yat taire elde prais yat man sal giue yam charite, als te reule es set to yaire mete;

2-3 bot mikil pite birs man haue, yat tay sal ete ar ye oyir.

[Chapter 38]

a In yis sentence cumandis sain benet yat

1 te lescun sal noht faile at mete. O yis maner sal yis be stabilist, yat nan ta ye boke at [f. 24r] rede bot sho yat sal rede al ye wuke; sho sal beginne o po ye sunday.

3 sho sal cum by fore yauter o ye sunday efter ye messe and say yris yis verse, and al ye cuuent eftir: "Domine, labia mea aperies,"

4 And recaiue ye benediccion, yat gete hir fra pride.

5 Yai sal halde silence at te borde, yat na uoice be herde bot of hir yat redis.

6 Ya yat serue sal ta yeme til yam yat etes, yat tay haue na defaute of yat tay sal haue, wharfore yai make na noise.

7 Yef169 wil aske ani thing, sho salle make sinis and noght speke.

8 Nane sal speke of na demande in ye lescun, whar of noise may rise.

9 Bot tabbesse, yef sho wille, sho may breuelike,170 a sentence for to amende.

10 sho yat sal rede sal miste ay litil, be fore sho rede, yat sho ne be not ouir mikil engreuid.

12 Ye sal ordain nane for to rede bot yat can do ye ofice, yat may pai al yai it heris.

b Lauerd, for his grace, he giue vs sua for to rede and singe, yat we may pai hym and al yat vs heris.

Notes to Chapter 38

169. 38:7. The subject is omitted.

170. 38:9. Possibly the verb speke is omitted.

[Chapter 39]

a Of ye mesur of ye mete spekis sain benet in yis sentence, and sais yat

1 it es inoh, twane maner of potage al ye wuke in ye tweluemonez, what tyme sam171 ye ete, at midday ouyir at none,

2 yat tay yat may [f. 24v] noght ete of ye tane, lat yaim ete of ye toyir.

3 yir tua mese sal yai ilke day haue. Yef yai haue whar of, ye yridde172 may yai haue of frute ouyir of oyirkin felazscap.

4 A lafe of brede mesurde es inoh o day baye at none and at euyn.

5 Yef yai sal supe, ye celeres sal take ye yridde parti of ye lafe & laie it by fore yam at te super.

6 Yef tabbes ses yai haue mikil trauaile, yef scho wil, scho may mende yam;

7 Bot gete yar be nane owtrage, yat nane be costiue, ne nane oyir wil, yurz surfait o mete.

8 for na ying es als mikil igain cristen men als gluterie,

9 sua sais vre lord: "Videte &c. -- Loke yure hertis be noght noyd yurz gluterie o mete ne drinke."

10 Til barnis sal man noht giue sua mikil als til yalde for to gete mesur ouir al.

11 Of ye beste yat beris foure fete sal nane ete bot ta yat ere seke and febil.

b Lauerd, for yi merci giue vs sua mesur like at ete, yat we alle wils o bodi & saul mai fle.

Notes to Chapter 39

171. 39:1. sam ] sain

172. 39:3. yridde ] yrid de

[Chapter 40]

a IN yis sentence spekis sain Benet Of ye mesur o drink, and sais yat

1 ilke man hauis propir gifte o god in al maner;

2 And for yi stabelis sain Benet with mikil doute ye mesur of oyir mens liflade.

3 Na for yi, for ye febilnes [f. 25r] of ya yat may noht for bere, hauis he for lokid til ilkain a mesur of wyne of ye day, Ouyir suilke als tabbesse may furde; ye mesur es callid eminan; yai ne mai noht haue bot mesurlike anis yar of.

4 Ya yat may be of abstinens, mede of god sal yai haue.

5 Yef yam by houid mare ouyir for trauaile ouyir for hete, In ye forloking of yabbesse sal it be. Bot sho sal loke yat yai ne be not ouir ful ne drunkin.

6 We rede yat wyne, ne na drinke yat wil make man drunkin, ne feris noht til men of religiun. for yi yat te tyme is sua yat ye ne mai noht al for bere, for yi consentis sain Benet yat ye drinke ay litil, bot noht sua mikil yat ye be ful;

7 for ouir mikil drinke dose man ofte do folie.

8 Yef it be ani yat dar noht drinke hir mesur, yai sal grace god and grunche noht.

9 Ouir alle yinges loke ye ne be noht gruchande of na ying.

b Lauerd, for yi pite gete vs fra gruching and fra ouir mikil drinke, sua yat we mai haue yi grace.

[Chapter 41]

a IN yis sentence sais sain Benet yat

1 ye sal ete twise of ye day ilke day fra ye haly paskis til ye witsunday;

2 and siyin til ye [f. 25v] hali rodis dai in semtembir, Al ye wukis in ye summir, sal ye faste ilke wuke tua dais, ye wedenisdai and te fryday, bot yef ye haue mikil trauaile, ouyir feeste day, ouyir it be mikil hete; yan relesses sain Benet yu ye fasting of ya tua dais,

5 Als tabbesse forlokis. sua sal sho ordain and a tempir al hir yingis, yat ye saulis of hir disciplis mai sauf be; And at tay do wid vtyn gruching yat tay sal do.

6 Fra ye haly rodes day til ye lentyn sal ye fast ilk day, bot if it be for heze feste.

7 Fra ye beginning of lentyn til ye paskis sal ye ete eftir euensang,

8 bot it sal be sua, yat yu ne yarf na candil bot al be don by day alle tyme,

9 baye when ye faste and when ye ete tuis. sua sal ye time be sett.

b Lauerd, for yi grace giue vs sua at be of discreciun baye of fastyng and of mete, yat we mai be sauf.

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