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The Death of Bernard of Clairvaux in the Light of the Prima Vita
Ryszard Gron, 3:221-243.
The Hidden Treasure: the Relevance of Regula Benedicti
Georg Holzherr, O.S.B., 2:168-182.
Jean Mabillon and the Sources of Medieval Ecclesiastical History
Michael Edward Moore, Part I, 1:76-93; Part II, 2:121-134.
Medieval Benedictines in Iceland: The Personal was Political
Judas Non Dormit: John Lydgate and Late-Medieval Benedictine Episcopal Conflicts
Reginald Webber, Part I, 4:337-355.
Micaela L. Kristin-Kali, 1:3-26.
The Memoriale Qualiter: An Eighth Century Monastic Customary
Matthew Mattingly, O.S.B., 1:62-75.
Memoirs of the Postulator for the Cause of Blessed Columba Marmion
Oliver Raquez, O.S.B., 1:27-43.
"One Day Read--The Next Day Interpret"; Medieval Commentaries of RB and Their Explanation of RB 64.15
Beda Sonnenbert, O.S.B., 2:135-145
Order and Light: The Architecture of Two Benedictine Abbey Churches in Western Canada: Westminster Abbey, Mission,
   British Columbia, and St. Peter's Abbey, Muenster, Saskatchewan
Geoffrey Simmins, 1:44-61.
Propria Voluntas: Self-will and One's Own Will: Self-realization and Self-determination in the Rule of Benedict
Michaela Puzicha, O.S.B., 3:244-252.
The Sources of Smaragdus' Commentary on TB 3: Calling the Brothers to Council
Terrence G. Kardong, O.S.B., 3:253-275.
Spiritual Guidance and Benedictine Oblates
Thomas Thekkumthottam, O.S.B.
To Serve Life: The Rule of Benedict as a Guide for a Benedictine School
Christian Schütz, O.S.B., 2:154-167.
Who Was Basil's Mentor?
Terrence G. Kardong, O.S.B., Part I, 2:183-201; Part II, 3:299-309.
Wisdom and Prophecy: The Two Poles of Thomas Merton's Mature Spirituality
Patrick O'Connell, 3:276-298.

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