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The 1854 Attack on Saint Mary's Church, Newark: A Typical Know-Nothing Incident
Augustine J. Curley, O.S.B., 4:387-406.
Beyond Survival: What Future for the Monastic Presence in the West?
Donato Ogliari, O.S.B., 2:150-157.
Dies Memorabilis: Continuity in English Benedictine Monasticism
Barnaby James Hughes, 1:3-17.
Explanation of the RB as a Sign of the Times: Rule Commentaries of the Twentieth Century
Manuela Scheiba, O.S.B., 2:138-149.
The "Fathers" in the Benedictine Rule: Appeal to the Ideal and Critical Continuity
Michaela Puzicha, O.S.B., 1:18-29.
The Gospel Wagon of Father Boniface Spanke, O.S.B.
Jerome Kodell, O.S. B., 3:257-285.
A Great Disillusionment
Martin Werlen, O.S.B., 4:416-426.
The Human Person in the Trinity: William of Saint Thierry's Trinitarian Mysticism
Aage Tydstøm-Poulsen, 4:360-372.
Ideology and Corporal Punishment in Anglo-Saxon Monastic Education
Nathan J. Ristuccia, 4:373-386.
Introduction to the Rule of Saint Benedict
Georg Holzherr, O.S.B., 1:30-62.
The Investiture Contest in Norman England: A Struggle between St. Anselm of Canterbury and the Norman Kings: Part I; Part II
Michael J.S. Bruno, 2:119-137; 3:307-324..
Judas Non Dormit: John Lydgate and Late-Medieval Benedictine Episcopal Conflicts
Reginald Webber, Part II, 1:81-94.
"A Man Holy and Perfect": The Holy Man as Didaskalos (Teacher) and Mathetes (Disciple and Pupil) in the Life of Paidios/ ishoy Attributed to John Kolobos
Tim Vivian, 3:286-306.
Once Again: On the Origin of Christian Monasticism. Recent Historical and Exegetical Insights and a New Proposal with an Ecumenical Perspective
Christoph Joest, 2:158-182.
Reconfiguring Monastic Life
Hugh Feiss, O.S.B., 1:63-80.
Saint Anselm and the Four Last Things
John R. Fortin, O.S.B., 2:183-203.
Vigils: Descending the Night Stairs
Deborah Douglas, 4:407-415.
Women Religious as Architectural Patrons: Three Case Studies -- One Franciscan and Two Benedictine
Geoffrey Simmins, 3:225-256.
Words Formed in My Understanding: Speech and Thought in Julian of Norwich's Showings
William Zehringer, 4:347-359.

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