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Adalbert de Vogüé, O.S.B., 1926-2011
"... the greatest monastic scholar of his time," 1:1-2.
Aelred of Reivaulx' Sermons  on St. Benedict: The Literature of Displaced Fatherhood
Ellen E. Martin, 4:356-377.
The "All-Seeing Lord" in the Rule of Benedict
Mary Forman, O.S.B., 3:321-330.
The Benedictine Intellectual Tradition: An Overview
Joel Rippinger, O.S.B., 3:244-256.
The Epistolary Correspondence of Saints Jerome and Augustine and the Expansion of the Rule of Saint Benedict from 66 to 73 Chapters
Gerard Jacobitz, 4:384-418.
Fr. Thomas Aquinas Weikert, O.S.B. (1863-1906) -- Orientalist and Consultant of the Papal Biblical Commission
Erasmus Gass, 2:141-172.
A Life of Exegetical Diligence: The Achievement of Aquinata Böckman, O.S.B.
Terrence Kardong, O.S.B.
Monastic Preaching and Pastoral Care as Ascetic Sanctity in William of Malmesbury's Vita Wulfstani
Sarah Adams, 2:122-140.
Monastic Renewal from an Austrian Perspective
Bernhard A. Eckerstorfer, O.S.B., 3:284-302.
Monastic Values and Echoes of the Rule of Benedict in the Statutes of 1365 for the Cluniac College at Paris
Thomas Sullivan, O.S.B., 3:331-353.
More Than Numbers: Monastic "Presence" in Contemporary Canada
Jason Zuidema, 2:112-121.
My Unlikely Friend -- Poetry
Kathleen Norris, 3:241-243.
Nimble as the Pen of a Scribe: Toward a Theology of Writing -- Parts I; II and III
Hilda Kleiman, O.S.B., 1:20-35; 2:173-209.
Quicquid Agunt Homines: The Benedictine Cultural Mission to a Postmodern World
Ezekiel Lotz, O.S.B., 1:75-92.
The Rule Collector of Aniane
Colleen Maura McGrane, O.S.B., 3:267-283.
The Rule of the Master and the Rule of Saint Benedict in Relation to the First Monasteries of Subiaco
Adalbert de Vogüé, O.S.B., 1:36-48.
Seminiverbius: Preaching in the Vita of Vitalis of Savigny
Hugh Feiss, O.S.B., 3:257-266.
Standing in the Presence of God: Conversation with Gabriel Bunge about Personal Prayer
Bruno Rieder, O.S.B., interviewer, 1:3-19.
Vision of Heaven and Hell in the Life of Peter of Avranches, Mnk of Savigny
Ronald Pepin, 4:378-383.
"What I Did -- I Think": In Celebration of the Works of Terrence Kardong, O.S.B.
Judith Sutera, O.S.B., 3:226-240.
Where There Was Need: Evangelization and North American Benedictines
Ephrem Hollermann, O.S.B., 3:303-320.
Work in the Convents of the Paraclete: Echoes of RB 48
Terrence G. Kardong, O.S.B., 1:49-74.

Book Reviews, 1:93-109; 2:210-222; 3:354-355; 4:441-.


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