American-Cassinese Congregation

The Constitutions and the Directory


Part I: Matters Pertaining to the Individual Monasteries

Chapter II: The Growth and Formation of the Monastic Community

Article 2: Monastic Profession

C 44. In the monasteries of the Congregation profession is made according to this formula:

In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

I, Brother N., of (city, state), Diocese of N., promise with vows valid for ___ year(s), before God and his saints, in the presence of our Father in Christ, Abbot N., and the monks of this monastery, stability in this community, conversion through a monastic way of life, and obedience according to the Rule of our Holy Father Benedict and the law proper to our Congregation.

In witness whereof I have prepared this document and signed it here at N. (abbey/priory) in the year of our Lord _______________, on the _____ day of __________(month), the feast of ____________.

D 44. Profession is made according to the Rite of Profession approved by the Congregation.

C 45. The entire period of temporary profession, to be determined by the abbot after consulting the monastic chapter, is never to be less than three years nor normally more than six years.

C 46. If the first profession is made for a period of less than three years, when the time for which it was made has elapsed, the abbot, after consultation with his council, may admit the candidate to a further period of temporary profession, with due regard for the provisions of CIC 689.1.

C 47. When the entire period for temporary profession as determined in accordance with C 45 has elapsed, the abbot, with the consent of the chapter, may admit a suitable candidate to solemn profession; or, after consulting the council of seniors and with due regard for C 48, he may admit the candidate to a further period of temporary profession; otherwise the candidate is to leave the monastery.

C 48. To extend the period of temporary profession beyond six years the consent of the monastic chapter is required. The entire time that a monk is bound by temporary vows must not in any case exceed nine years (CIC 657.2), with due regard for the provisions that are contained in the proper law of the Congregation regarding transfer of temporarily professed monks (cf. D 88.4.1-6).

C 49. Solemn profession may be anticipated for a just cause, but not by more than three months.

C 50. For solemn profession the monk is to use the formula presented in C 44, substituting "with solemn vows" for the clause "with vows valid for _______ year(s)."

C 51. As a sign of their consecration, the monks of the monasteries of our Congregation wear a monastic habit.

D 51. The cuculla, given at solemn profession, is worn according to the customs of the house.


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