American-Cassinese Congregation

The Constitutions and the Directory


Part I: Matters Pertaining to the Individual Monasteries

Chapter IV: Fundamental Elements of Monastic Life

Article 5: Work

C 83. Work is essential in the life of the monk. Therefore, the monk takes up his daily work as a task full of hope and promise, as a means of providing livelihood for himself and his community, and as a service to his brothers, to the Church, and to the world at large.

C 84. The monasteries of our Congregation are not, by their nature, bound to specific en­deavors. Each monastic community should pursue work that is consonant with its own wholesome traditions and its place in the local and universal Church. In each generation it is to reflect critically upon the appropriateness of the work in which it is engaged.

C 85. The work of the monks and the monasteries of the Congregation is meant to concretize the fundamental values they profess, namely, the primacy of God and the things of God, a reverence for the sacred, and a pro­found awareness of the meaning of one’s existence. This work must reflect the monastic commit­ment to prayer, silence, community, and perseverance.

C 86. It is the responsibility of the abbot to ensure that a monk is not assigned work that precludes sufficient time for prayer and lectio divina.

C 87. No monk is to accept duties, offices, or any other work outside the monastery without the permission of the abbot.

D 87.1. Since publications and media appearances involve the name of a community in a public way, before undertaking such projects a monk is to secure the requisite permissions (cf. CIC 831, 832).

D 87.2. In the apostolates of the monas­teries of the Congrega­tion every effort should be made to communi­cate in an appropriate way the values that the monks themselves profess (cf. C 85).


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