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Part II: Dependent Priories

Chapter II: The Adoption of an Established Monastery as a Dependent Priory

C 103. When an independent or dependent monastery seeks dependency on an abbey of the American-Cassinese Congregation, all the provisions of the proper law of the Congregation concerning the establishment of a dependent priory (D 102.1 - D 102.16) are to be observed to the extent and in the manner that they are applicable. For adoption of an established monastery, the proper law of the Congregation also contains provisions that either supplement or replace those made for the establishment of a dependent priory.

D 103.1. In addition to the conditions listed in D 102.1, the following must be met before an established monastery may be adopted:

  1. If it is an independent monastery already, the consent of the chapter must be given to seek dependent status, unless this action has been mandated by the general chapter for a monastery of our Congregation.
  2. If it is a monastery dependent on another abbey or on a congregation, the consent of the chapter of the abbey or the competent authority of the congregation on which it is dependent must be given. In addition, the consent of the quasi-chapter or its equivalent in the dependent priory must be given.

D 103.2. Once the conditions of D 102.1 and D 103.1 have been met, the abbey and the adopted monastery are to enter into a probationary relationship for a period of not less than one year nor more than five years to allow sufficient time for both communities to assess the likelihood of success in the adoption. During this period the abbey has the rights and obligations of a founding house and the adopted monastery those of a dependent priory, exclusive of chapter rights in the adopting abbey. Likewise, any rights that the adopted monastery may have in any other chapter are suspended.

D 103.3. 1. When the probationary period has been completed, the relationship is to be reviewed and the requisite consents (D 103.1) are to be obtained again, this time for final adoption.

D 103.3. 2. A final juridic relationship is established only after the probationary period is concluded.

D 103.4. 1. When an established monastery is adopted, the monks of that monastery become monks of the dependent priory under the same conditions as specified in D 102.9.3.

D 103.4. 2. A monk assigned from the abbey to an adopted priory retains the rights and obligations of the monastery of his profession until the adopted priory becomes an abbey in the usual way.

D 103.4. 3. All monks at the adopted priory retain the right of recourse to the abbot of the adopting abbey, although in the meantime the command of the prior is not suspended.


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