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Appendix 7

The following is a sample of the indult referred to in D 91.4.

for Father/Brother [Name]
monk [and priest] of [Name] Abbey


In accord with the Code of Canon Law, 686.1, and the request of Father/Brother [Full name], in his letter dated [Date], with the consent of the council of seniors of [Name] Abbey [For a cleric add: and with the consent of the bishop of the (Arch)Diocese of [Name],] an indult of exclaustration is granted for a period of __________ [one-three] year[s] from the date of the acceptance of the indult. The indult is granted in consideration of the following reason[s]:

[Here state in summary the reason[s] for requesting the indult.]


During the period for which this indult is granted:

1. Although his vows remain, Father/Brother [Name] is free from the obligations that are incompatible with his new condition of life. The obligation of celibacy, however, remains intact (cf. CIC 687).

2. Father/Brother [Name] remains dependent on and subject to the care of the abbot of [Name] Abbey and the local ordinary (CIC 687). [For priests add: He shall not exercise his priesthood without the explicit permission of the abbot and the local ordinary.]

3. The monastic habit may/may not be worn by Father/Brother [Name] [Conditions may be added, for example: except at the abbey].

4. Father/Brother [Name] lacks active and passive voice in the monastic chapter of [Name] Abbey even in the case of an abbatial election.

5. [Example of provision: Father/Brother [Name] shall continue to be eligible for the ordinary benefits of the medical care plan held by the monks of [Name] Abbey only until [Date].]

6. Father/Brother [Name] shall be responsible for all his financial obligations and neither [Name] Abbey nor the American-Cassinese Congregation shall be liable for any debts or actions or omissions or obligations whatsoever incurred by him (cf. CIC 639) with due regard for [Example: the single exception noted in no. 5 above].

7. Father/Brother [Name] shall keep the abbot of [Name] Abbey informed of his place of residence and telephone number

[Here may be added other conditions, for example: regular meeting with the abbot].


At the expiration of this indult of exclaustration Father/Brother [Name] must return to [Name] Abbey unless further provisions, in accordance with universal law and the proper law of the American-Cassinese Congregation, have been made by the abbot of [Name] Abbey with the consent of the council of seniors. Otherwise, Father/Brother [Name] shall be considered unlawfully absent from the monastery and may be subject to dismissal from the monastery.

Given at [Name] Abbey, this ______________ day of _________________in the year ________.


Rt. Rev. [Name], O.S.B., Abbot




Consent of the council of seniors of [Name] Abbey given on [Date].



Secretary of the council of seniors


I, Father/Brother [Full name,] hereby accept this Indult of Exclaustration and all its provisions.



Father/Brother [Full name], O.S.B.



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