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Appendix 10

The following is a sample of the document referred to in CIC 694 (cf. C 97-99).

of Father/Brother [Name],
monk [and priest] of [Name] Abbey
[City, State]



Father/Brother [Name], a professed member of [Name] Abbey has contracted/attempted marriage contrary to his vows and thus has incurred the penalty of automatic dismissal from the abbey under the provisions of the Code of Canon Law, 694.1.2.

The facts are as follows:

[Here may be recorded the date of profession, the date of contracted or attempted marriage, the place in which the marriage is recorded.]

Wherefore, in accordance with the universal law of the Church and the proper law of the American-Cassinese Congregation of Benedictine Monasteries, I, the abbot of [Name] Abbey with the council of seniors, decree and declare that [Name] is automatically dismissed from [Name] Abbey. The vows, rights and obligations of [Name] hereby cease (CIC 701), and neither [Name] Abbey nor the American-Cassinese Congregation shall be responsible for him or for any of his obligations.


Given at [Name] Abbey. this ______________ day of ________________ in the year ________.



Rt. Rev. [Name], O.S.B., Abbot



Secretary of the council of seniors



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