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Norms for Compensation of Monasteries that Supply Administrators

Approved by the 48th General Chapter,  June 18, 2004


1. A community that receives an administrator from another monastery is to be responsible for providing for him, during the term of his service, board and room, health insurance, and retirement benefits, and for covering reasonable ordinary expenses in the same manner as is customarily done for its own monks, including travel expenses for the administrator to visit his own monastery up to twice a year.

2. In addition, a monastery that supplies an administrator is to receive a monthly cash stipend of $2,000, either from the monastery served by the administrator, or from the Congregation, or partly from the one and partly from the other, as follows.

A. A monastery that is served by an administrator is to pay whatever percentage of this monthly sum is within its capabilities. This amount is to be determined, after dialogue with the monastery, by the President, acting with appropriate counsel.

B. Any percentage of the monthly payment that is beyond the capabilities of the monastery that the administrator serves is in each case to be paid by the Congregation.

C. In years when the Congregation is responsible for such payments, the President, with the consent of his council, is to increase by an appropriate amount the annual assessment to be paid to the Congregation by each monastery, provided, however, that the supplement added for the compensation of an administrator shall not be charged to any monastery that is currently supplying an administrator.

3. Precise determination of the compensation paid for an administrator is to be made through dialogue between the President and the abbot of the monastery supplying the administrator. The compensation thus determined is to be paid by the monastery being served, by the President, or partly by each, for each full month during which an administrator exercises jurisdiction, beginning with the month when he assumes his office.

4. Adjustments to the monthly cash stipend are to be made from time to time in the light of current economic factors by the President with the consent of his council.

5. Similar provisions may be made in the case of monks who are loaned to other communities to serve in other capacities, such as financial officers or formation directors. The compensation may be adjusted by the President, with the advice of his council and in dialogue with the respective superiors, to correspond to the services provided.

6. Monks who are loaned to another community for service in a school apostolate are to be paid by the school according to the qualifications of the monk and the provisions of the salary scale of the institution.

7. In the case of suppression of a monastery and eventual liquidation and distribution of its assets, consideration is to be given to repayment of other monasteries for services rendered before and during the process of dissolution.



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