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(Enacted by the forty-eighth general chapter in June, 2004)

For very grave reason and for the welfare of a community that is troubled by want of leadership, personnel, or material resources, the President and his council, acting collegially, may

  1. Defer the election of an abbot and appoint a temporary administrator under the same conditions as in D 17.1.
  2. Suspend the right of a monastery to receive candidates into formation and to accept the profession of members.
  3. Impose financial restrictions on a monastery.

A norm may be imposed only after a pastoral visit or a visitation by the President and at least one member of his council.

A norm may be imposed for a period of up to three years, at which time there shall be a visitation to determine whether the imposition of the norm should continue.

During the period of imposition of a norm, the President is to seek resources that could assist the monastery.

If special circumstances in a community require the imposition of a norm, the frequency of visitations is to be at the discretion of the President.



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