Guide for Abbatial Elections
in the
American-Cassinese Congregation
of Benedictine Monasteries


Download the main text, Parts I to V, in one file: guide01.doc (120 KB)

The 15 Appendices and the Indices are in separate files for printing:

 1: Select Bibliography
 2: Suggestions for Methods of Preparation
 3: Documents for the Preparatory Process
 4: Order of Procedure for the Election
 5: Ballots
 6: Memorandum to Elected Tellers
 7: Memorandum to Proxies
 8: Oaths Taken during Election

  9: Announcements during Election
10: Petition for Confirmation of Election
11: Profession of Faith
12: Confirmation of the Election
13: Protocol of Abbatial Election
14: Prayers during the Election
15: Thanksgiving Service
Citations and Subjects: Indices

Office of the President


Approved by the 44th General Chapter
7-12 June 1992


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