Officers of the Congregation

Abbot President photo

President (2010-2016)

Abbot Hugh Anderson OSB, Saint Procopius Abbey


Council of the President (2013-2016)

1. Archabbot Douglas Nowicki OSB, Saint Vincent
2. Abbot Mark Cooper OSB, Saint Anselm
3. Brother Alban Petesch OSB, Assumption
4. Father Edward Mazich, OSB, St. Vincent
Father Daniel Ward, OSB, St. John's, Executive Secretary

Congregation Financial Counselors

Brother Benedict Leuthner OSB, Saint John's Abbey
Father Maurice Haefling, Saint Benedict's Abbey
Father David Brown, Belmont Abbey

Congregation Procurator

Very Rev. Prior Elias Lorenzo OSB
Collegio S. Anselmo
Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta 5
I-00153 Roma, Italy
Tel:+39 065 791.1 or 1279; fax: +39 065 746 863
<priore @>




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