Ultima score

Text in three languages, Latin, German and English:

Ultima in mortis hora,
Filium pro nobis ora,
Bonam mortem impetra,
Virgo, Mater, Domina.

Wenn wir mit dem Tode ringen,
Wollst, Maria, uns beispringen,
Dass wir selig scheiden hin,
Jungfrau, Mutter, Königin.

When death's hour is then upon us,
To your Son pray that he grant us,
Death, both holy and serene,
Virgin Mary, Mother, Queen.

The Ultima is a traditional hymn that has been sung for centuries to conclude the burial services of both monastics and mendicants. Father Raymond Balko OSB, 1892-1985, simplified and arranged the score for four voices. Sister Ruth Anne Schneider OSB, St. Joseph, MN, made the transcription above in June 2006 from a score used at Saint Vincent Archabbey, Latrobe, PA.

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