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Archimandrite Father Robert Taft SJ has passed away

Father Robert Taft, world scholar on Eastern liturgy and longtime friend of Sant’Anselmo, passed away on 2 November at the age of 86. His noteworthy life is commemorated with a special necrology on his decades-long relationship with Sant’Anselmo, obituary, and video here.
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Mvimwa Abbey Lays Foundation Stone for New Abbey Church

Mvimwa Abbey, a thriving monastic community in the remote Sumbawanga region of Tanzania, became an abbey in 2001 and now numbers more than 80 monks. Mvimwa Abbey celebrated All Saints Day this year by laying the foundation for its new abbey church. Read about the festive day here, with photos.
Monastic-Muslim Dialogue

Monastic-Muslim Dialogue in Africa

Significant strides have been made to bring about deeper understanding and reconciliation between Christians and Muslims in Africa, through the Benedictine effort of Monastic-Muslim Dialogue. See here for a presentation of this great ongoing work, radio podcast (German) and transcript (German and English).

XXVI International Ecumenical Symposium of Orthodox Spirituality

The monastic community of Bose has conducted its 26th International Ecumenical Symposium of Orthodox Spirituality on the theme of Discernment and Christian Life, in the spirit of deepening the communion shared between members of the Body of Christ as well as among the Churches. See details here.
Synod 2018

2018 Meeting of the Synod of Abbots President

Abbot Primate Gregory J. Polan, O.S.B. and the Abbots President of the Benedictine Confederation recently met together for their 2018 Synod at the Abbey of Montecassino. Read more here.


6th Leadership and the Rule of Saint Benedict

Leadership and the Rule of Saint Benedict

Register now for the LRB Summer Course to be held at Sant'Anselmo, Rome, 14 - 26 July 2019. This program is for monks, nuns and laity in positions of leadership in monastic communities.
Expanding the Heart

Expanding the Heart : Now accepting inquiries

This one-semester program is intended primarily for monks, nuns and sisters who identify with monastic spirituality, are involved in formation or are looking for a sabbatical program. It will be held at Sant'Ansemo in Rome from 14 October 2019-15 February 2020.