The Fellowship of Reconciliation


Statement of Purpose

The Fellowship of Reconciliation (national FOR) is a non-denominational interfaith organization of pacifists.

The Fellowship is composed of women and men who recognize the essential unity of all humanity and have joined together to explore the power of love and truth for resolving human conflict. While it has always been vigorous in its opposition to war, the Fellowship has insisted equally that this effort must be based on a commitment to the achieving of a just and peaceful world community, with full dignity and freedom for every human being.

In working out these objectives the FOR seeks the company of people of faith who will respond to conflict nonviolently, seeking reconciliation through compassionate action. The Fellowship encourages the integration of faith into the lives of individual members. At the same time it is a special role of the Fellowship to extend the boundaries of community and to affirm its diversity of religious traditions as it seeks the resolution of conflict by the united efforts of people of many faiths.

In the development of its program the FOR depends upon persons who seek to apply these principles to every area of life. FOR members:

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