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13 August 2016

Annunciation Congregation

Abbot Brendan Kelly OSB
Glenstal Abbey
V94 A725
Murroe, Co Limerick

10 August 2016

Ottilien Congregation

Abbot Romain Botta OSB
Agbang Abbey
Kara, Togo

30 June 2016

Olivetan Congregation

Abbot Aidan Gore OSB Oliv.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey
PO Box 1080
Pecos, NM 87552

3 June 2016

Swiss-American Congregation

Archabbot Kurt Stasiak OSB
Saint Meinrad Archabbey
200 Hill Drive
St. Meinrad, IN  47577

17 May 2016

English Congregation

Abbot Martin Shipperlee OSB (re-elected)
Ealing Abbey
Charlbury Grove
London W5 2DY
England, UK

11 May 2016

Solesmes Congregation

Abbot Xavier Perrin OSB
Quarr Abbey
Ryde PO33 4ES
Isle of Wight, UK

12 March 2016

Swiss-American Congregation

Abbot Jeremy Driscoll OSB
Mount Angel Abbey
1 Abbey Dr.
St. Benedict, OR 97373

23 January 2016

Ottilien Congregation

Abbot Octavian Masingo OSB
(effective 1 August 2016)
Hanga Abbey
Tanzania, East Africa


9 July 2015; confirmed 24 July

Extra congregationis

Abbot Roberto Dotta OSB
Saint Paul Outside-the-Walls Abbey
Via Ostiense 186
I-00146 Roma

5 June 2015

The Federation of Saint Benedict

Prioress Beverly Raway OSB
(Installation 15 August 2015)
St. Scholastica Monastery
1001 Kenwood Ave.
Duluth, MN 55811

24 March 2015

Swiss-American Congregation

Abbot Leonard Wangler OSB
Subiaco Abbey
405 N. Subiaco Ave.
Subiaco, AR 72865

14 March 2015

Ottilien Congregation

Prior Administrator Marco Antonio González Acosta OSB
Abadia San Jose de Güigüe
Apartado 3662 - El Trigal
Valencia 2002-A

4 March 2015

ex Sarnen, Switzerland

Prioress Mary Forman OSB
Monastery of St. Gertrude
465 Keuterville Road
Cottonwood, ID 83522

10 February 2015

Bavarian Congregation

Abbot Johannes Eckert OSB
[Re-elected for 12 years]
Abtei St. Bonifaz
Karlstraße 34
D-80333 München, DE

1 February 2015

Reverend Mother Abbess Lucia Kuppens OSB
Abbey of Regina Laudis
273 Flanders Road
Bethlehem, CT 06751

24 January 2015

Ottilien Congregation

Very Rev. Prior John Baptist Oese Imai OSB
Prince of Peace Priory
Tigoni, Limuru


23 October 2014

Subiaco Cassinese Benedictine Congregation

Abbot Ordinary Donato Ogliari OSB
Abbazia di Montecassino
via Montecassino s.n.c.
I-03043 Cassino (Fr)

October 2014

American-Cassinese Congregation

Abbot Ricardo Tintos Delgado OSB
Abadia del Tepeyac
San Benito 11
Lago de Guadalupe
Cuautitlán Izcalli
México C.P 54766

September 2014

Subiaco Cassinese Benedictine Congregation

Abbot Ordinary Riccardo Luca Guariglia OSB
Abbey of Montevergine
I=83010 Montevergine [Avellino]

13 August 2014

English Congregation

Prior Administrator Dom Leo Maidlow Davis OSB
Downside Abbey
Radstock, Bath BA3 4RH
England, UK

9 August 2014

Adorers of the Sacred Heart (Montmarte OSB)

Mother General Mary Gregory Grace OSB
Tyburn Convent
8 Hyde Park Place
London W2 2LJ
England, UK

6 August 2014


Abbot Gary Hoover OSB
St. Andrew Abbey
10510 Buckeye Rd.
Cleveland, OH  44104

2 August 2014

Solesmes Congregation

Abbot André-Junien Guérit OSB
Saint-Martin Abbey
2 place A. Lambert
F-86240 Ligugé

15 July 2014


Abbot Mark Scott OCSO (six years)
New Melleray Abbey
6632 Melleray Circle
Peosta, IA 52068-7079

19 June 2014

Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

Prioress General Dawn Annette Mills OSB, installed (six years)
31970 State Hwy P
Clyde, MO 64432-8100

31 May 2014

Federation of Saint Benedict

Prioress Annie Thompson OSB
Saint Martin Monastery
Nassau, The Bahamas

17 May 2014

Brazilian Congregation

Abbot President Dom Filipe da Silva OSB
Mosteiro de Sao Bento
R. Dom Gerardo, 68 - Centro
Rio de Janiero, RJ

26 April 2014

Federation of Saint Benedict

Prioress Paula Hagen OSB
(Installed 8 June 2014)
St. Paul Monastery
2675 Benet Road
Maplewood, MN 55109

21 March 2014

Ottilien Congregation

Prior Pachomius Choe OSB
St. Joseph's Monastery
San 93, Hwajeop 5-ri, Pyollae-myon
Namyangju-gun, Kyonggido 472-814

8 March 2014

American-Cassinese Congregation

Abbot Richard Cronin OSB
Saint Mary's Abbey
230 Mendham Rd.
Morristown, NJ 07960

1 March 2014

Federation of Saint Benedict

Prioress Sharon McDonald OSB
(Installed 4 May 2014)
St. Placid Priory
Lacey, Washington

17 January 2014

Austrian Congregation

Abbot Thomas Renner OSB
Stift Altenburg
A-3591 Altenburg


14 December 2013

Subiaco Cassinese Benedictine Congregation

Abbot Ordinary Michele Petruzzelli OSB
Abbey of the Most Holy Trinity of Cava de' Terreni
Via M. Morcaldi, 6
Badia di Cava

23 November 2013

Swiss Congregation

Abbot Ordinary Urban Federer OSB
CH-8840 Einsiedeln

4 November 2013

Austrian Congregation

Abbot Petrus Pilsinger, OSB
Stift Steitenstetten
Am Klosterberg 1
A-3353 Seitenstetten

Basilian Monks of Italy

Hegumen Michel Van Parys OSB
Territorial Abbey of Grottaferrata
Corso del Popolo, 128
00046 Grottaferrata (Rome), Italy

28 October 2013

Austrian Congregation

Abbot Georg Wilfinger OSB
[Re-elected for 12 years]
Stift Melk
Abt-Berthold-Dietmayr-Str. 1
A-3390 Melk

25 October 2013

American-Cassinese Congregation

Rt. Rev. Placid Solari OSB, External Administrator
Mary Mother of the Church
12829 River Road
Richmond, VA 23233-7206

29 August 2013

Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

Prioress Rita Clair OSB
Clyde Monastery
31970 State Hwy P
Clyde, MO 64432-8100

August 2013


Dom Mark Scott OCSO
Appointed Superior
New Melleray Abbey
6632 Melleray Circle
Peosta, IA 52068

20 July 2013

English Benedictine Congregation

Abbot President Richard Yeo OSB (re-elected, four years)

29 June 2013

Swiss American Benedictine Congregation

Abbot Thomas O'Connor OSB
Our Lady of Glastonbury Abbey
16 Hull Street
Hingham, MA 02043-1498

25 June 2013

Ottilien Congregation

Abbot Denis Ndomba OSB
Holy Spirit Abbey
P.O.Box 591
Sumbawanga, Tanzania

11 June 2013

American-Cassinese Congregation

Abbot Neal Roth OSB [re-elected, 3rd term]
St. Martin's Abbey
5300 Pacific Ave SE
Lacey, WA 98503-1297

8 June 2013

Ottilien Congregation

Abbot Aloysius Althaus OSB
Benediktinerabtei Königsmünster
Postfach 1161
D-59851 Meschede

Congregation of St. Gertrude

Prioress Barbara Lynn Schmitz OSB
Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict
802 E 10th St.
Ferdinand, IN 47532

5 June 2013

Annunciation Congregation

Abbot Ignatius Maaß OSB
Benediktinerabtei St. Matthias
Matthiasstraße 85
D-54290 Trier

12 February 2013

English Congregation

Rt Rev Cuthbert Madden OSB (re-elected)
Ampleforth Abbey
York, YO62 4ER
England, UK

8 February 2013

Austrian Congregation

Abbot Petrus Pilsinger OSB
Benediktinerstift Seitenstetten
Am Klosterberg 1
A-3353 Seitenstetten

6 February 2013

Austrian Congregation

Abbot Benedikt Plank OSB
Abtei St. Lambrecht
Hauptstr. 1
A-8813 St. Lambrecht

30 January 2013

Austrian Congregation

Archabbot Korbinian Birnbacher OSB
Erzabtei St. Peter
St. Peter-Bezirk 1
A-5010 Salzburg


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