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The Order of Saint Benedict

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"Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ.
And may He bring us all together to everlasting life!"
Rule of Benedict c.72:11-12.



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The Rule of Saint Benedict:
   Today's Reading, Daily Readings

Bibliography, Latin text and translations in English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish

General Information:

Bibliographies, e-mail directory, elections, monastic topics, monastica/benedictina miscellanea, OSB Retreat Houses, etc.

Oblates of Saint Benedict:

Men and women living in the world according to the spirit of Saint Benedict.

Academic Institutions:

Ateneo Sant'Anselmo, Roma; American Benedictine Academy, Association of Benedictine Colleges and Universities (ABCU), International Commission on Benedictine Education (ICBE), monastic studies, periodicals and presses.

Geographic Database:

Search the data or consult the Atlas OSB (Roma: Sant'Anselmo).

International Institutions:

Abbot Primate; Collegio Sant'Anselmo; The Confederation of Benedictine Congregations.

AIMUSA / Alliance for International Monasticism; Monastic Interreligious Dialog

Other International Institutions

Anglican Benedictines; Benedictines for Peace; the Cistercians.


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