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Rescripts from the Holy See

I) Through an Indult granted in perpetuity by the Congregation of Rites on April 25, 1949, and extended to the entire Order on May 23, 1949, anyone who is obliged to the recitation of the Divine Office and who, for any reason, stays at any monastery of the Confederation, may fulfill his obligation, both in choir and out of choir, by praying the Divine Office according to the rite of the monastery at which he is staying.

II) His Holiness, Pope Paul VI, has decreed that a newly ordained priest may, on the occasion of his first Mass, celebrated with some solemnity outside of Rome, grant once the Papal Blessing, using the formula given in the Roman Ritual. The plenary indulgence attached to this blessing may be gained by the faithful who devoutly assist at the first Mass, provided they have received the sacraments of penance and holy Communion, and have prayed for the intentions of the Holy Father. Given at Rome by the Sacred Penitentiary on November 5, 1964.

III) The Abbot President of the American-Cassinese Congregation humbly asked that the Rescript of August 8, 1960, whereby secular Oblates of the Congregation were permitted to wear the medal of St. Benedict instead of the scapular, be extended. In virtue of the faculties granted by His Holiness, the Congregation of Religious and Secular Institutes granted an extension of the Rescript mentioned above "for an indefinite period." Granted at Rome September 13, 1985. Prot. N. 14610/60.

IV) The Most Reverend Bernard Kaelin OSB, Abbot Primate of the Order of St. Benedict, requested that it be permitted to give the Blessing of St. Maur with a medal of St. Benedict instead of with the Relic of the True Cross, since the latter is difficult to obtain. The Sacred Congregation of Rites, having considered the matter seriously, replied: The favor is granted according to the petition, though the approved formula must be used for the blessing. Given at Rome on March 6, 1959. Prot. N. 19-959.


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