Letter from the Association of War Wounded of El Pepeto, Tenancingo:

Association of the War Wounded of El Salvador
"Heroes of November 1989"

Dear ladies and gentlemen who visit us, receive a fraternal greeting, hoping that your visit to our community and to our country bears the desired fruits for you. We thank you for having visited us, and for having done so much for our country and for being attentive to our problems. We, the war-wounded of El Salvador [n.b. sometimes the Spanish word lisiados should be translated more strongly as "disabled"; keep this in mind as you read—these people are those wounded to the point of disability], are one of the sectors that was most affected by the past conflict. Tenancingo has more that 50 disabled war-wounded who have organized with ALGES, the Association of the War-Wounded of El Salvador, to be able to seek out how to resolve the multiple problems that we have.

Many of us were not included in the programs to reinsert people into the productive sector after the war, and there are not programs to help us better ourselves as regards our physical, psychological or work/labor situations.

It is for this reason that we want to seek out institutions or persons who could help us resolve the problems that affect us most. For example, help with the production of basic grains so that we could subsist with our families. There are also needs with regard to housing; some do not even have a place to construct a dwelling. In addition to this, what is very important for us is the physical and mental rehabilitation, an area in which, up to the present, no efforts have been made at all [by the government]. The Peace Accords promised us the possibility of bettering these aspects. Lamentably, they did not fulfill the promises, and the looked-for benefits never arrived, because of the lack of political will of our government officials.

We hope that if you are not able to help us with our problems, you might be able to introduce us to institutions that could assist us. We are ready to do whatever you recommend. And so, with nothing further at the moment, we sign ourselves below:

Edmundo Valle Dolores Fuentes
José Fausto Escobar Miguel Mozo
Ángela del Carmen Ortíz

Note: For assistance or information, please communicate with the directorate of the War-Wounded of the Canton El Pepeto, Tenancingo, Department of Cuscatlán, El Salvador, Central America.