Letter to PAB from San Josť El Sitio, July 17, 1999

[Note: This letter was given to Felix Tristani at the farewell in Tenancingo for the 1999 delegation.]

Sunday 17th July 1999

Dear Brothers and Sisters from St Cloud, Minnesota

Receive cordial and sincere greetings from the Community of San Josť El Sitio:

After this short greeting, we come to tell you the following: Regarding the corn grinder,it is functioning well till this moment and we are grateful for the great support that you have given us and we hope that you continue helping us because you know the state in which we live here because this government that we have is making life more difficult for the poor because they have raised the basic tariff to 15% and that is why we are feeling the poverty more because we do not have employment. We are happy because you came to El Salvador and again to Tenancingo; but we feel sad since you did not visit our community. The children could not see you because you well know that the community is far and it is difficult for them to leave.

The electric energy project has already been established in the community but we find ourselves without funds to install into the homes since it costs 7,300 colones for each one. And we also tell you of our other need to have two schoolrooms for a kindergarten and we want to know if you can help us.  We want to remind you of the hen project since there is the possibility of electric energy.

We received the letter of our sister, Judy and we are grateful that she remembered to write to us.  And we have written several letters and have not received an answer from the last one we wrote.  There being nothing further to say, we say goodbye giving greetings to all our brothers and sisters over there and friendly greeting to all the children and we are grateful for all the help you have given us. We are unable to repay you all because of the state in which we live in because the government talks about development in the country but the only development is for the rich.

We say goodbye until soon.

Greetings to Sr Anne, Sister Mary, Judy and to all those we keep in mind.

Community Association of San Josť El Sitio