PAB Letters from Communities, January-March, 1999

[Note: These letters were received in May, 1999.]
Tenancingo Maquilishuat (Jiñuco)
El Sitio Women's Committee Marcelo Fabian Asencio, El Pepeto
El Sitio

Tenancingo Association

Thursday, March 11, 1999

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Faith:

Receive many greetings from the Communal Directiva. We wish you much success in your community work that helps those in need I send many greetings to Sr. Ann, Judith, Felix and all those brothers and sisters that provide material and spiritual help. After this brief, and sincere greeting I will go on to the following:

Well, we would like communicate to you the following: First, that in the next week we will begin adult classes where we will have six groups from the following communities: Tenancingo, Corral Viejo, Hacienda Nueva, Irioma. El Sitio, Jiñuco (We are starting in July in Jiñuco). We are also making administrative requests for help with didactic materials to distribute in the classes.

The communities are also in the process of mediation of the land beginning with El Pepeto, El Ceron, El Sitio, then Tenancingo follows. [I'm not sure what this refers to. Land is always at issue. The communities are always trying to acquire land. Also, land that was transferred after the Peace Accords was just being surveyed and titled last summer. Perhaps, this relates to that. Will clarify with next phone call. -Judy]

I also want to inform you of the names of the books for the library. We haven't got it functioning because we haven't finished paying off the balance. [They don't want to use the books until they are all paid for-Judy]. Although the students ask to use the books for their school activities The Directiva wants it to be well--organized so that it will function well. A member of the Communal Directiva will be present and responsible for the library for two hours daily so that the students can do their activities But it won't be functioning until we pay off the debt. [The original debt was $920.00. They have been paying monthly installments by collecting from the members of the community.] That is why we are urgently asking your economic help to pay the debt so that we can help the boys and girls who need it most. I am sending all the names of the books.

There is nothing more to inform you of at the moment. We say good-bye with many kisses and hugs for all and that God will bless you and always give you many blessings for your great kindness and big hearts for helping those that are poor and in need.

Respectfully. I say good-bye.

Amalia Flores
Luis Alonso Ferman
Rosendo Vasques

San José El Sitio Women's Committee

February 7 1999

Dear and remembered friends / compañeros y compañeras of St. Cloud, Minnesota

Receive a fraternal and sincere greeting on the part of the women's group that collaborate together for the development of the community of Nuevo San José El Sitio. Our hope is that you and those that surround you (especially your immediate families) find yourselves well and that all is marching along well with your daily activities. After this most sincere greeting we move to the following.

Well we would like to communicate to you that we have come together to inform and comment about your letters. We would like to tell you that we have a proposal to work and administer a small project if you give your approval for this small project. The project involves raising chickens to fatten. We hate thought about 1 1,000 chickens but we want you to give us a concrete response so that the Council of Presidents will give us the approval to get the prices for everything that we will use. But we would like you to write to us.

We also want to tell you that we were very worried because of the very strong phenomenon of Hurricane Mitch. We can imagine that there was much said and much to mourn on a world-wide level We would like you to tell us about this by means of letters or during your next visit to our country. There were many places damaged in our country by this Hurricane. We collected food for the homeless of a damaged zone and we took it to them. It made us sad to see boys, girls and adults that were sheltered in schools and churches. We must tell you it really made us sad.

Well we also want to thank you for all the things that we received from you last year. The stuffed animals were very pretty. We want to tell you that as of this moment the corn grinder is working well. Once again, we give you thanks because you have given us a great help because now we are free to develop other activities We will not close by saying good-bye but until soon.

The committee of women says, "Until soon."

Nuevo San José El Sitio

Thursday, January 23, 1999

Compañeros/Friends of the delegation from St. Cloud, Minnesota receive a cordial greeting on the part of the community and members of the Directiva. We wish you much success in your work on behalf of the communities and we wish each one of you very good health.

After this short greeting I pass on to the following my friends / compañeros which is the motive for this letter and to tell you that, thanks to God, we are very healthy. And we want to inform you that we are very happy for the funds you left us for medicines / health and the youth. I must tell you that at the present time we have the money in the bank because the department of health has given us a little medicine and therefore we have not needed to spend it on medicine. The money for the youth is also in the bank because it has not been decided how that money should be used. We also want to inform you about the corn grinder which thanks to God. is working well because of the maintenance that has been provided. We also want to tell you that with the funds from the corn grinder we pay for the maintenance of the corn grinder which is ¢250.00 a month [about $28.00], plus we pay the person in charge of the corn grinder.

We want to thank you for all that you do for the benefit of the communities of Tenancingo.

We respectfully say good-bye on behalf of the community and members of the Directiva of Nuevo San José El Sitio, and we do not say good-bye to our friends of St. Cloud but until soon.

Respectfully, Luis Quevedo Rivas, president

Maquilishuat (Jiñuco)

Tenancingo, February 17, 1999

Receive on the part of the Association of Maquilishuat [Jiñuco] a fraternal greeting hoping that you are finding good results from the help you give the communities.

We would like to communicate to you that our community is enthusiastic about your visit. You know we are a community of scarce resources but happy to have your presence with us. We know that through you we receive rot only material help, but also spiritual support

We hope that the All Powerful will bring you back to our communities. We will be waiting for you in July.

We say good bye brothers and sisters.

La Junta Directiva

Marcelo Fabian Asencio, El Pepeto

Community of El Pepeto, Tenancingo, February 3, 1999

For Judith or Felix

St. Cloud, Minnesota: Presente

Receive in the name of Marcelo Fabian and family a warm and cordial greeting hoping that you are surrounded by your loved ones and experiencing the joy of good health. At the same time I hope you have much success in you work in favor of solidarity with those who most need it.

The reason for this current letter is to share with you how grateful I feel for the small help toward my studies that I have received in recent days. [Marcelo is a musician and health promoter who benefitted from a small transportation fund. He was given the opportunity to further his basic/primary education, but without financial help for travel expenses he would not have been able to attend-Judy.] I also want to give you thanks for the instruments that you brought during your last visit to El Salvador. Regarding this I want to tell you that I am working hard to learn and in that way make use of the instruments for the benefit of the Church and I am happy that I can already play some "alabanzas' on the piano,

I hope that you will excuse me but I would like to tell you about a problem that involves my home where I live with my family. The case is that I don't own the small lot of land on which I live. During the times when the communities were forming no one knew which lands would belong to them and now the owner of this lot wants to sell it. Now that he/she sees that I have invested in the construction of my house. And now he wants me to pay him 12,000 colones [$1,300] as soon as possible. It is enough to say that I have no means to save that much money because I have not had a lob that satisfies my economic needs. Now that my children are all studying and none of them is working. Now that the little I earn I use for their studies. It is for this reason that I direct myself to you. To see if you can help ma in some way to solve this problem.

May you receive many blessings from God for your kind attention and understanding. I say good-bye to you with much happiness.


Marcelo Fabian Asencio