PAB Letters from Communities May 2000

Rosario Perico | Irioma | Tenancingo | Corral Viejo

Rosario Perico

Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Judy, receive many greetings from Cleotilde. Wishing you much success in your daily work. The reason for writing is to communicate the following. We, the women are working quite a lot to improve the orgaization of women as well as the community. I want to tell you we have had success with the corn grinder; but we have also had problems because some of the motor's parts have broken and it wasn't functioning for 4 days. We have fixed it and it is working.

The women have had meetings, we have had activities. The women are doing the maintenance of the corn grinder so that it will continue to work well. We are having activities to collect money for the benefit of maintaining the corn grinder. This is the only way we can go forward with the projects. CRIPDES is helping us with training [capacitacion=some type of preparation]. We are also supporting the activities that are taking place in San Salvador [Women's Day march, support of health care worker's strike, etc.].  Well, this is a small report on the work being done in the community of Rosario Perrico.

Just these few words: Many greetings to all my friends. Many greeting to Sister Anne.

Attentively, Cleotilde Alfaro and Ofelia Esperanza Lopez and Pedrina de Mojes Flores

Good bye, Take good care of yourselves

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Letter from the Caserio of Irioma May 10, 2000

Dear brothers and sisters of St. Cloud, Minnesota. Receive a fraternal greeting on the part of the Communal Development Association of the Caserio of Irioma "New Jerusalem." We hope that you find yourselves in good health with people that support you. After this fraternal greeting we go on to communicate the following. Hello! Dennis, How are you? We remember you often and at the same time ask blessings of the Creator that He keep you safe wherever you may be. [At this point they are referring to the delegation].

Brothers and sisters, we want to communicate that we are always working for the benefit of our community. Now that we are all thinking that you are going to return to our country of El Salvador. We hope that the next trip will bring you to each of the communities, we await you with open arms. Brother Dennis and other brothers and sisters, we want to inform you that the delay we have had with regard to the corn grinder was as a result of not having communal land; but Senora Santos Alicia Flores has donated 10 square meters on which to put the corn grinder. So now there is no obstacle. Hoping also that you will help us in this necessity that falls to the women as our domestic responsiblity. Dennis and other companeros, companeras that accompany Dennis, we want to tell you that we are meeting with Kate to communicate how we are proceeding with the corn grinder project. Farewell. We hope that very soon you will return. Good-bye from the Association New Jerusalem, Irioma

Ramiro Alfaro Hernandez, President
Efrain Flores, Treasurer
Maria Santos Alfaro, Secretary

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Community of Tenancingo

Thursday, May 11, 2000 Dear Brothers and Sisters of St. Cloud, Minnesota, United States

Receive a sincere and cordial greeting. Wishing you much success in your daily work and may Jesus Christ help you and accompany you for the great heart that you have in helping the poorest.

After this short greeting I will proceed to the following. I want to communicate how the Tenancingo community is doing. We have finished the first level of the literacy program and have a group of 10 persons that were learning to read and write but we are having problems because the Ministry [of Education?--the letter doesn't say] does not want to help us with the second level (to help the people improve what they have learned [in the first level]). We also have a group of youth that are studying computacion (literally means math, but I think they mean keyboarding) but for economic reasons the youths parents don't want them to continue to come into town three times a week and we thought that it would be better in the individual communities. There are women that have better techincal skills to improve the community work to be able to help them.

We are also coordinating with CNC to see if they can help us improve planting/ tree agriculture. We are currently thinking of making a demonstration parcel of land to show the people the difference that there is. Note: I ask you the favor of praying to God for my health because I'm having heart problems.

We also want to tell you that we celebrated Mother's Day. 54 women participated. We had artistic displays in which women from different communities participated . We raffled little gifts because for lack of money we couldn't give each person something. We had a lunch for mothers. The municipal council helped us with 400 colones. The women's municipal committee is wanting to improve the living conditions of women. There is also participation in the municipal council by women. Two women remain a part of the council to provide representation and make suggestions through the mayor on the part of women. We want to get allies to form a 'secretariat of women' in the mayor's office.

The municipal committee of ADESCOs (ADESCO = Association for Community Development, the name they are now using for each community's grassroots organization) also wants to work hand in hand with the council for the benefit of the communities. Thus, we want CRIPDES to resume coordination of the work of community organization in order to have help to lift the organization of the communities since it is very weak right now due to the lack of assistance in organization. The area of women is the only area that is being attended--literacy project and preparation for women.

Up to now, I and young Narcisa have proposed that we meet with the directivas in order to give them continued projected plans of the sistered communities to attend [make] the monthly presidents' meetings. We want to ask their help to accomplish this was this reason that we had a presentation of SHARE activities [presumably from Kate Lorenzen]. Well soon you'll learn for yourselves understand how things are. Now I will say farewell. May God almighty fill all of you with blessings.

Directiva Comunal Tenancingo

Amalia Flores de Paz
Reyes Henriquez
Victor García
Rosendo Vásquez
Carlos Henriquez

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Corral Viejo

May 10, 2000

Dear brothers and sisters,

By means of the person writing receive a cordial greeting with much love from the group of women in Corral Viejo:

It is a great honor for us to write you this letter on a day as special as Mother's Day. We have been very happy sharing this occasion with women of all the organizaed communities of the Municipality of Tenancingo. Well, we in Corral Viejo are working in what is organization. We are meeting each month with activities (raffles, caneros de cinta??? and more). We are very happy because the group is growing: We are giving a continuation of literacy instruction in the academy, and we are working towards defining projects that will benefit the group. We also have planned a gathering with the women of Perico on May 27 in order to make natural medicine and have plans to make soap with zabila [an herb], syrup of jenjure, and ointment. We hope to hear from you soon and that you will tell us when you will be returning to our small but with great hopes of the development of women.

Greeting and blessings in your daily work.

Good-bye from the Women's Group of Corral Viejo.

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