Letters received by the July 2000 Delegation to Tenancingo:

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From San José El Sitio, July 14, 2000

Friday, 14 July 2000

Esteemed brothers and sisters of Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

Receive a cordial and sincere greeting from me and from all the women of the community of Nuevo San José El Sitio. My name is Aracely. I am a campesina, and we are struggling for a better environment for our children and the community.

It really is a marvelous thing to have the opportunity to relate to you as brothers and sisters and to share the joys and the sadnesses of life. We feel very happy to receive the letter, even though we don't know one another*, but we feel for you a great affection and we ask God to bless you in your daily work. For we thank you very much for this hand which you give to us, for, as you know, in this country, the campesinos are the poorest of the poor. Our government does not look after us, the poor, and thus we thank you very much. When we go shopping for food, we have to walk 4 kilometers just to catch the bus. Life costs us a lot, but we are going to continue going forward, by the grace of God. That God would bless [you?/our efforts? -- the Spanish isn't clear].

For us, everything that we have, we have achieved by means of the organization, for there is no better way to live as brothers and sisters. And we hope that this solidarity will continue always, and we thank you for the things you have sent. We have nothing with which to repay you, but we ask God that he will bless you at every moment, for he surely pays well the things of [???- "demeles" ???; maybe this is the start of the next sentence: Allow me to greet all of the women???] Greet all the women. We thank you for everything. Until soon...


*Here Aracely is speaking, as is José Luis below) about Roseann Fischer of the St. Cloud Diocesan Mission Office, who sent with this year's delegation a letter and some parcels of baby blankets and small bags of school supplies put together by parish mission circles.

El Sitio #2

On behalf of the Community of San José Nuevo El Sitio

Friday, 14 July 2000

Brothers and Sisters of Saint Cloud, Minnesota,

Receive a cordial greeting and a fraternal one, with the wish that when you receive this it will find you enjoying much success in your daily work.   After this brief but sincere greeting, I write the following:

Dear brothers and sisters, the reason for this letter is to tell you about our community.  In the first place, we want to give you thanks for your generosity and for your solidarity with our communities.  We ask the Lord to give you life and health, so that you will be able to fulfill all your objectives.   Our brothers and sisters, we live in the country and, as for the development of our communities, it is not easy to push forward this communal development or the communal well-being, and in this way we need much help from you.  Brothers and sisters, we give you thanks for the things which you have sent us.  We ask that the Lord fill you with many blessings.  Brothers and sisters, we here, in our community we have a work plan that we intend to develop/implement.  We know that it is not easy, but our objective is that the children of our children might have a life that is more dignified than the one we have.  We hope that the borthers and sisters of the delegation can tell you more about us.  We are poor, but with hopes of bettering our lives.  We shall continue to strive until we do all we can [???--this phrase is not very clear].  

Brothers and sisters, greet all in your communities on behalf of ours.  And to the sister Rosana, thank you for the letter that you sent us.*  Brothers and Sisters, my name is José Luis Piñeda and this letter I have written in the name of the community.  I do not say "Adios" to you, but "Until Soon!"

We take our leave of you faithfully,

The Community of El Sitio

Parish of Santiago Apóstol

Department of Cuscatlán
El Salvador, C.A.

14 July 2000

Dear Friends,

Heartfelt greetings.  We are writing to present to you two small projects of backing for the work of pastoral ministry in our parish, projects for which we need financial resources to supply what we lack.  This being the case, we appeal to your solidarity, that you might support us in obtaining such financial resources, insofar as your resources permit.

The first consists in logistical support for the pastoral ministry of human rights, which is just beginning to unfold in our parish.   With this, we intend to respond to the violent reality which surrounds us by disseminating the values of the culture of life.

The second has as a goal to obtain support for the strengthening of the pastoral ministry of health, by means of the economic backing of three health promoters who will be responsible to stimulate and to coordinate the programs of community health in all of Tenancingo.

Finally, there only remains for me to trust in your desire to sister yourselves in solidarity with our town, our people, and to thank you for the attention which you have given to consider both proposals that have the net goal of the education and advancement of the person.  May you have, from us, our thanks, and our promise to achieve a hundredfold with each bit of help that you offer us.

Yours truly,

Joaquín Melendez Avila
Parish Priest
Santiago Apóstol, Tenancingo, ES