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1999 – 2000 Delegations Schedule

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The SHARE Foundation invites you to join us in El Salvador to commemorate the lives and work of the Salvadoran martyrs and to celebrate twenty years of solidarity with the people of El Salvador. Delegations include commemorations of the 20th anniversaries of the deaths of Archbishop Oscar Romero and the four US churchwomen, the 10th anniversary of the Jesuits and their co-workers, and other anniversaries honoring the 80,000 victims of repression in El Salvador’s struggle for justice.

We will vist the organized poor, and ask, "Who are the prophetic voices now?" "Who are embodying the martyrs and how are they carrying forth the work?" We will witness the spirit of the martyrs as we meet with elderly women learning to read, farmers negotiating for policy changes with the World Bank, Hurricane Mitch victims struggling to rebuild their shattered communities and to ensure that the government prioritizes their needs in this reconstruction period. Together we will uncover the roots of the same problems of poverty and social injustice for which the martyrs gave their lives so generously. We will actively accompany grassroots organizations in advocating for real change with government officials, international financial institutions and others. As we renew our commitment to solidarity with El Salvador, let’s continue our efforts to turn the tide toward justice.

SHARE delegations will meet with some of the following groups and more. Please call for itineraries, delegation applications and more information.

CRIPDES, CONFRAS, COACES, Permanent Commission of Rural Women, UCA, Archdiocesan Human Rights Office, Agricultural Forum, Rural Policy Working Group, CIDEP, Olga Moreno Women’s Committee, COMUS, Municipal Development Councils of Tecoluca, Zacatecoluca, Jiquilisco and San Agustin, the Lower Lempa River Initiative and the Civil Society Forum for Reconstruction, US Agency for International Development, US Embassy, Tierra Blanca Pastoral Team, San Carlos Lempa Women’s Pastoral Team, Lutheran Church, Baptist Church, Espiscopal Church

For more information on November, 1999 delegation: Jack and Fran Munday at (610) 394-0377.

For more information on December, 1999 and March, 2000 delegations: José Artiga at (415) 882-1530

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November 13-19, 1999 – Remember the Jesuit Martyrs, Close the School of the Americas

This delegation will accompany the commemoration on November 16th of the 10th anniversary of the assassination of six Jesuit priests and two women. In 1990 as we remembered these brave men and women, Padre Jon de Cortina, SJ, spoke to a group of SHARE delegates. "If God is not with the People of El Salvador, then God is nowhere." This year we will ask our sisters and brothers, "Where is God now?" We will worship together, and dialogue for a week with church leaders, peasants leading the struggle for strong rural policies to strengthen family and cooperative farming, women´s groups and local development councils. One year after Hurricane Mitch we will study it’s causes with lay workers and peasants. "Was Mitch a natural disaster, or was it the result environmental degradation, the lack of a flood prevention system along the Lempa River, and the absence of a national emergency plan? What do we do to prevent another disaster?" On November 19th you may choose to return to Fort Benning, GA to join in solidarity with thousands of people who are dedicated to closing the School of the Americas, where the military men who assassinated the Jesuits and so many others in El Salvador received their training.


November 30 – December 7, 1999 Women Religious Delegation

"Remembering Ita, Maura, Dorothy and Jean:
How Women of Grace and Courage Are Building the New El Salvador"

This delegation will join thousands of community activists and people of faith to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the martyrdom of the four churchwomen, Ita Ford, Maura Clarke, Dorothy Kaizel, and Jean Donovan who were killed on December 2, 1980. Reflecting on these women’s commitment to peace with justice for the poorest Salvadorans we will examine the situation for women today. Bishop Rosa y Chavez recently said, "Here we have permanent victims of "Mitch" and problems of injustice are structural. Poverty wears a woman’s face." How are women leaders from the church, from the grassroots and political arena addressing this? We will remember Ita, Maura, Dorothy and Jean by accompanying their successors; Salvadoran women who are working towards the strengthening of women’s roles in the social, political, spiritual and economic realms of Salvadoran society. In SHARE’s target area in the Lower Lempa River basin we will learn about the organizing efforts to prevent domestic violence, as well as the advocacy initiatives to prevent another Hurricane Mitch disaster. Campesina women farmers will share their work to ensure a gender perspective in the reconstruction efforts as well as in the development of more just agricultural policies.


March 8 – 16, 2000 Democracy: An Experience Beyond Elections

As thousands of Salvadorans prepare to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Romero, they will also be going to the polls to elect their legislative and municipal representatives on March 12th in the fourth post-war election in El Salvador. There has been significant change in the electoral system since Archbishop Romero witnessed two rounds of fraudulent elections in 1972 and 1977, a coup d’etat in 1980 and massive human rights abuses against the poor and the organized. But, there is much work to be done to further open El Salvador’s political and economic systems to the participation of the poor majority. How would the people’s shepherd counsel us today to bring about change in El Salvador? What things have changed since 1980, and what problems still need to be addressed? This delegation will observe the 2000 elections and make recommendations for future electoral reform. In addition, we will visit SHARE’s target area and sister parishes where local development councils, regional coordinating bodies and peasant organizations are advocating for just rural policies, participatory development, access to education, healthcare and farm to market roads in order to bring about a better future for their children.

March 18 – March 26, 2000 – Oscar Romero, You Live in the Struggles of Your People

Months before Archbishop Romero’s brutal assassination he said , "If I die, I will rise again in my people." Twenty years later, Romero’s people continue to sow seeds of hope for a better world, with social and economic justice for all. Join SHARE, the Romero Foundation and thousands of people and organizations from around the world in celebrating the life and work of this unwavering man of God, who found the courage to accompany the poor and the hungry and to offer them hope and faith. As we bear witness to injustices still firmly rooted in El Salvador, we will speak with religious and lay people and ask, "How are you living out his vision, today? How are the poor confronting injustice today? How are we called to carry the torch of 80,000 people who died to build the new El Salvador?" Our delegation will meet with "delegates of the word" who found their voice during Romero’s life, and with young people who are finding theirs today. We will meet with people from different churches in El Salvador. In SHARE’s target area and sister parishes we will accompany those who continue to struggle to hold onto the their hard won land, which began in the 1970s, and we will strengthen our commitments to accompany them for the coming decades.

For more information on November, 1999 delegation: Jack and Fran Munday at (610) 394-0377.

For more information on December, 1999 and March, 2000 delegations: José Artiga at (415) 882-1530

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