Partners Across Borders
St. Cloud, MN and Tenancingo, El Salvador Sister City Organization

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An Invitation to Become a Partner

Tenancingo farewellWe invite you to become a member of Partners Across Borders, the organizational link between St. Cloud, Minnesota, and its sister-city, Tenancingo, El Salvador. As a Partner you have the opportunity to actively participate in the promotion of peace, nonviolence, justice and human rights in Central America.

In 1992, with the help and expertise of the SHARE (Salvadoran Humanitarian Aid, Research and Education) Foundation, Partners Across Borders was established and shortly thereafter was partnered with Tenancingo, El Salvador, a rural community ravaged by twelve years of civil war. Since the Peace Accords were signed, Tenancingo has begun the arduous task of resettlement and building a self-sustaining community.

Through your involvement in Partners Across Borders, you become a Partner in an organization that seeks to be a faithful companion supporting the people of El Salvador in a journey of solidarity. To that end, Partners Across Borders has adopted the SHARE Foundation's triple accompaniment process: accompaniment by physical presence, material assistance and advocacy.

Become a Partner and make a difference!


As a Partner you have the opportunity to join the annual delegation to El Salvador. Since its founding in 1992, forty-nine delegates from Partners Across Borders have traveled to El Salvador. This annual visit is without doubt the most important work of Partners Across Borders. The people of Tenancingo municipality see in our presence the solidarity which gives them the support and courage they need to move toward long-term solutions to poverty, under-development and social injustice. Partners Across Borders had the privilege of hosting four Salvadorans from Tenancingo in the spring of 1995.

Through our presence we broaden our world-view and gain new perspectives culturally, historically and politically. Our lives are enriched by the inspiration and hope modeled by our partners in Tenancingo.


Through your involvement with Partners Across Borders, you will have the opportunity to help increase public awareness of the conditions faced by the poor of El Salvador. This important task of accompaniment through advocacy manifests itself in many forms thanks to the diversity of talents among Partners:

[Minisry of Education meeting]

In 1998, PAB accompanied a delegation from the high school in Tenancingo to meet with the Ministry of Education in San Salvador.

*Partners Across Borders meets on the second Monday of each month from 7:00-9:00 pm at the Salem Lutheran Church, 90 Riverside Drive SE, St. Cloud, Minnesota. (Enter on the "bank side")

Material Assistance

Members of Partners Across Borders have the opportunity to assist in fundraising efforts that contribute approximately $15,000 annually to fund projects in Tenancingo. Funds for specific projects are requested by the communities of Tenancingo via their Council of Presidents. Projects receiving funding have on-site supervision by the SHARE Foundation. Past projects include the purchase of dairy herds, land, a pick-up truck, a women's sewing cooperative and a multi-purpose building; funding has also been provided for training in a variety of areas. Additionally, another $10,000 has been contributed since 1992 in the form of medical, school and office supplies, fabric, sewing machines, sports uniforms and equipment.

brochure picture 1
Dennis Beach and Bibi Tristani with some of the children in the association building in Tenancingo.

Partners Across Borders raises funds primarily through its quarterly Newsletter, an annual Christmas letter of appeal, the winter fundraiser, and the efforts of local schools, churches, civic organizations and people like you.

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