The Constitution and the Statutes

of the Swiss-American Benedictine Congregation

Established by the General Chapter


Section II: Norms for the Individual Monasteries

E. Of the Component Elements of Monastic Life
1. Of Common Prayer and the Common Life

C47 1) Each monastic community is obligated to celebrate in common the Eucharist daily and the Liturgy of the Hours at least three times a day. All members of the community who are not legitimately excused shall be present.

2) The order, schedule, texts, and ceremonies of the Eucharist and of the Liturgy of the Hours shall conform to the directives issued by competent authority.

C48 To favor silent recollection, prayer, and privacy, to promote cohesion of the monastic community as a family, and to manifest more clearly the monastic character of our life in the Church, each monastery shall have a monastic cloister. The limits of the cloister shall be determined by the abbot, and they are to be marked. For a just and serious reason, the abbot may give permission for a person who is not a monk to enter the cloister.

C49 In our Congregation the monastic habit is to be worn, according to the customary of each house.

S47 In the use of media of information or entertainment, discretion should be observed, and what is inappropriate in them for religious or for any person who should live chastely should be avoided (CIC 666).

S48 Each monastery should make some definite provision enabling the monks living outside the house to enjoy a stay of several days periodically in the monastery.



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