The Constitution and the Statutes

of the Swiss-American Benedictine Congregation

Established by the General Chapter


Section II: Norms for the Individual Monasteries

E. Of the Component Elements of Monastic Life
3. Of Work and Study

C53 All communities participate in the apostolic life of the Church according to their individual character. In exercising an external apostolate, monks are subject to the authority of the diocesan bishop (see CIC 678). Each monk's work, assigned under obedience by his superior, is an integral part of his monastic life.

S50 All who ask to be admitted to monastic life in a monastery of this Congregation, and others who wish to remain for a time in a monastery of the Congregation, shall bind themselves by a formal written agreement to waive all claim to remuneration for their work, to the extent that is allowed by the regulations or laws of the place. Such an agreement is to be drawn up in such a way that it conforms to the laws and customs of the place.

C54 Each monastery should provide a program of continuing formation and education for all of its monks.



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