The Constitution and the Statutes

of the Swiss-American Benedictine Congregation

Established by the General Chapter


Section III: Norms for the Congregation

C. Of the Council of the Abbot President

S72 1) The council of the abbot president is composed of two governing abbots of the Congregation and two monks of the Congregation who are not abbots.

2) Councilors of the abbot president have terms of six years each, and each member is limited to two successive terms. In order to provide continuity, one abbot and one monk are elected to their six-year terms in one general chapter, the other abbot and the other monk in the subsequent general chapter.

3) If any councilor of the abbot president is incapacitated during his term of six year, the abbot president, having heard the other councilors, shall appoint a substitute to take his place until the next general chapter, in which, if necessary, someone will be elected as substitute to complete the unexpired term of the incapacitated councilor.

S73 Unless there is urgent necessity, the abbot president should not make a decision in any important matter without the approval of his council.

S74 1) The abbot president and his council shall meet at least once a year to conduct their regular business together.

2) In individual matters which cannot prudently be postponed until a meeting, the abbot president may consult his council, or seek the consent of his council, by letter, or by telephone, or by other private means of communication.



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