+The Constitution and the Statutes

of the Swiss-American Benedictine Congregation

Established by the General Chapter with approved changes
through summer 2008.

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Section I: Of the Nature and Purpose of the Congregation C 1-5

Section II: Norms for the Individual Monasteries

A. Of the Organs of Government of the Monastery C 6-8; S 1-5
  1. Of the Chapter C 9-10; S 6-10
  2. Of the Abbot C 11-20; S 11-26
  3. Of the Council C 21-23; S 27-29
  4. Of Delegated Authority C 24-25; S 30-31
B. Of Order in the Community S 32-33
C. Of Claustral and Secular Oblates S 34-35
D. Of Novitiate and Profession, and of the Juniors C 26; S 36
  1. Of the Novitiate C 27-31; S 37-41
  2. Of Profession and the Temporarily Professed C 32-38; S 42-43
  3. Of the Effects and Consequences of the Vows
  1. Stability, and Fidelity to the Monastic Way of Life C 39-42
  2. Obedience C 43
  3. Consecrated Celibacy C44
  4. Poverty and the Sharing of Goods C 45-46; S 44-46
E. Of the Component Elements of Monastic Life
  1. Of Common Prayer and the Common Life C 47-49; S 47-48
  2. Of Private Prayer and Monastic Asceticism C 50-52; S 49
  3. Of Work and Study C 53-54; S 50
  4. Of Penalties and Appeals C 55-57; S 51-52
  5. Of Financial Administration S 53-56
  6. Of Suffrages S 57-58
F. Of the Founding and Suppression of Monasteries
  1. Of the Establishment of a Dependent Monastery C 58-59; S 59-61
  2. Of the Erection of an Autonomous Monastery C 60-61; S 62-63
  3. Of the Suppression of an Autonomous Monastery C 62; S 64-65
G. Of Mission Priories C 63

Section III: Norms for the Congregation C 64

A. Of the General Chapter C 65-69; S 66-69
B. Of the Abbot President C 70-73; S 70-71
C. Of the Council of the Abbot President S 72-74
D. Of the Manner of Visitation C 74; S 75-83
E. Of Right of Recourse and Appeal, and of Procedure in Exercising It C 75; S 84-86


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