A Declaration on Benedictine Monastic Life
for the Monasteries of the
Swiss-American Benedictine Congregation

Adopted 1975 by the General Chapter with changes approved in 2005.

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Declaracion (Spanish, 1992)



Foreword to 2006 Edition

Part I: The Mystery of Monastic Life D 1-10

A. The Trinity D 1-2
B. The Church D 3-10

Part II: Life in the Monastery D 11

A. Community D 12-13
  1. Authority D 14-17
  2. Order in the Community D 18-20; S 32-33
  3. Monastic Profession D 21-22; S 32-33

    Stability, and Fidelity to the Monastic Way of Life D 23 C 39-42
    Obedience D 25 C 43
    Consecrated Celibacy D 26-31 C44
    Poverty and the Sharing of Goods D 32 C 45-46; S 44-46

  4. Entrance and Lifelong Growth D 32 C 26-38, 47-54; S47-49
B. The Rule D 33-38
C. The Word of God D 39-40
D. Work D 41-45
E. Hospitality D 46-48

Part III: Monastic Life and the World D 49

A. Prophetic Stance D50
B. Witness of Incarnation D 51-53
C. Reverence for Creation D 54-57
D. Pattern for Christian Life D 58-61


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