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The LRB Course is postponed until 2021. Date to be announced.
New registration deadline will be announced.
The language of the course is English.
Scholarships and price reductions are available : Fees and Registration

Note from Sr. Ulrike, 16 April 2020:

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Greetings of peace from the LRB-Team. After having consulted, we had to make a sad decision: We will cancel the LRB course 2020. The COVID-19 situation is simply too precarious and we are not able to predict how it will develop worldwide during the next months. In Italy and many other countries around the globe, there is still no prospect of normality. Into these uncertainties, it would be irresponsible to run the course, book flights, apply for visas etc. and then perhaps have to cancel everything shortly before.

However, we are planning a new course for 2021 and will give you the exact date as soon as possible. If you are still interested in participating, we will of course give priority to your registration.

In all uncertainties and hardships we wish you a blessed experience of the Easter season.

The Lord is truly risen! (Lk 24:34) This message is simply the best in the world! Since God Himself stands up for life. What could be more consoling right now?

Stay sheltered and healthy.

Sr. Ulrike Soegtrop

Management training for today’s monastic leaders


Unprecedented developments are changing our monasteries and making leadership much more demanding. Outside pressures, inside challenges and cultural changes are making monastic leaders wonder:

  • who can help us to understand, distinguish and decide?
  • what approaches and tools are available to help us deal with these challenges?
  • how can we initiate in good time needed changes without losing our identity?

We can help!

“Leadership and the Rule of Saint Benedict” is a joint educational project of the universities of St. Gallen in Switzerland and Sant’Anselmo in Rome. We have assembled a faculty of international experts and experienced leaders from the Benedictine family who will help you to frame the challenges facing your monastery and show pragmatic ways to handle them. The first course took place in 2014. Based on the experience gained, the course could be tailored more and more to the needs of the participants in the following years. In the meantime, about 150 people have completed the course. By the end of the program, you will be equipped to shape your best response to those challenges.

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